@craigholdheide Sorry buddy to disappoint you... but I wouldn't.
I wouldn't even use a free app because writing a short commit message never was a problem for me... as for its quality, yes, AI may generate a better message but who actually cares?πŸ€”

@zwasify It depends on what mean by "outreach".
Cold emails?
Building an audience?

@willy_djopa @HostmeSpace @ProductHunt I wanted to vote, then I checked your website and found it's a clone of another service I knew about a pretty long time ago.

I'm not supporting cloners and copycaters.

@migueljarias As my computer has a pretty low brightness and I didn't read the tweet before I looked at the pictures, I thought the 1st pic didn't have a background at all and liked it more.

As pictures on the page are already complex, maybe consider a plain background?

@oliverbytes @NexBotAI @NexSnap @Liso_Vault Great result!
Can you tell us more, what is the project, and how long did it take to get this numbers?

@hashmapped @pairprogram Nope, never. Not for me.
I understand how useful it is, how great code it can produce but not.

Good luck, anyway!

@somdasgupta @cookdom_ Cookery.
SaaS platform.
That uses
🀯 (in a good sense πŸ˜€)

Good luck! Interested to see where you will go.

@ProcrastaParry Yes. SEO. All modern search engines still will consider your blog as a separate domain so as a result, all the perks you can get from your blog posts will go to your subdomain, not your domain.

#seo #indiedev #buildInPublic
Software development is like a rabbit hole: while you're digging into the problem, the solution is getting deeper too.

And wider.

@codevagabond I think there's pretty low possibility to stay on the market without making a profit.

On the other hand, such companies as Facebook, do it very well.

So, it's not a reliable sign either :)))

@Timb03 Congrats!
Do you know what caused this peak?
And what is your SEO strategy overall?

@FernandoPs26 Looks pretty niceπŸ‘.
Several thoughts:
- Not clear what is a credit (set of twee reply suggestion - what is it then?)
- The same about "Custom tone" and "any language"
- Why to repeat the same features for different plans?
- "Most popular" could be more noticeable

@Rymorrison It's true but...
the entrepreneur's life is full of interesting and not-so-interesting things.

So, many (me too) founders tend to do work they are really passionate about and ignore or postpone anything else (marketing).

So, to me, it's kinda a trap πŸ˜•

#buildinpublic #startups
@uxchrisnguyen @gumroad Congrats! But of course, NOT only gumroad creators know this feeling πŸ˜‰

#buildinpublic #payday #solopreneur
I generated so many test errors to be caught by my monitoring tool (the project I'm building now) that I found the data is rendering pretty slow so I added the infinite loader to render them chunk-by-chunk (already loaded into the memory though).

@Noam_Sachartov I use @awscloud Elastic Beanstalk, 1 year + SSL + custom domain for free, great programs for startups (allowing you to host your app there for 2 years or so, for free).

Maybe a bit tricky to use but this free book helps…

@roramigator I think it's totally up to you. I put some information in my bio so that people could see what I'm working on.
I don't have a website yet so I will put the link as soon as I have it. Another idea is to provide a handle for Twitter acc if your product has one.

@roramigator I'd be happy to share my thoughts on your project but, unfortunately, I don't get what it is about.

"Iroh quotes' API project" says nothing to me 😳

Which problem does it solve?

Where can I find the description/link/whatever?

@1saifj Do you really need to collect users' first, last name, and birthday?

As for coverage, the lesson I learned from my previous experience is there is no need to cover all the use cases in the beginning but the architecture should allow doing it in the future.