Today I did many small things (emails, comments etc.) and one big thing: HTML5 full curriculum. I will publish it soon on a new channel of @CodingWolves ☺️
Also, added two new categories for our meta channel to have the feedback from users:

Finished the third project in the series for learning basics of HTML/CSS - advanced tables and styles:…
Added the pinned posts to @CodingWolves community. So, I can pin up the most important posts at the very top of a channel.
The pinning is still done via database directly πŸ˜†(so, this is a thing that doesn't scale yet, classical approach 😁).
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Day 64.

I officially finish this streak because I'm going to post more on @CodingWolves starting from tomorrow.
I hope you will support my project by following it.
Thanks!! 😍
(I still will post here but more interesting stuff)πŸ‘‹
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Day 63.

Finished writing some content for @CodingWolves and fixed several bugs and improved the look. Also, finished the second learning project (about working with tables) and thought out a new one.
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Day 62.
Every time when I plan to write content I end up fixing bugs Loudly crying face how the hell one person could produce so many bugs?! 😭
Nevertheless almost finished the review of a book on JS I love. I will announce it soon on @CodingWolves
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Day 61.
Finished the second learning project about HTML: tables this time. The description is still in progress.
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Day 60.
Two months! since I decided to make a pivot and still not launched 😳
I wanted to work on the content and learning projects but instead just fixed bugs of @CodingWolves πŸ˜•
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Day 59.
A new learning project for @CodingWolves in progress - this time, about the tables. Despite the simpleness, it took some time... even for me... kinda pro web developer 😳
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Day 58.
Running a project in stealth mode has a big advantage - you're catching many bugs and can fix them before the real users will do. On the other hand, you still need to find your users asap... let's wait a bit more, @CodingWolves
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Day 57.
Finished the first project for new @CodingWolves, fixing multiple bugs along the way. Forgot to provide the reference section πŸ™„
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Day 56.
Fixed more bugs for @CodingWolves community;
created a simple learning HTML/CSS project (will be available soon);
wrote several posts and comments (chicken/egg problem!)
If somebody wants to help me with the community, DM me please. Thanks!😍
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Day 55.

I wanted to divide my time into 3 parts:
- creating community content (to solve the chicken-egg problem)
- fixing bugs
- creating learning programs and projects.

I did only 2 first ☹️content creating and fixing ~3M bugs just dried me out🀯
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Day 54.

Still fixed bugs and did refactoring for the community and creator dashboard of @CodingWolves. 😬

I also tried to figure out which channels should be presented in the beginning (besides those related to the projects) - decided on 2 only.
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Day 53.

Found how I can register PayPayl being a Canadian - it turned out that you have to use a separate website. It's ok. What is not ok is that their support doesn't know it.
How come?
Also, deployed the community @CodingWolves and fixed ~10 bugs😬😳
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Day 52.
I had great plans for the day but didn't do much even although I didn't distract a lot. πŸ˜•

Anyway, half a day was spent trying the billing systems like Paddle and PayPal subscription and I gave up with PP ☹️ - it just didn't work.
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Day 51.

Did the test deploy of the community @CodingWolves and after fighting with the AWS console it started working 😁
Also, set up the @SenderNet account to collect subscribers. It turned out it's very easy to add code but I've caught several bugs😬
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Day 50.

Finished the pagination for community @CodingWolves. It looks... okay for now.

Integrated back the dashboard for course makers because they will be the project makers instead and the corresponding changes should be done.
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Day 49.

I have to stop developing! But I can't because I'm already behind my schedule. Today fixed bugs in the database schema definitions, added several filters (by category, # of comments, rate, and date), and started pagination. It's pretty ugly πŸ˜†
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Day 48.
Worked on the endpoints for projects and channels of the @CodingWolves community. I still see endless tons of improvements that could be done but fortunately, they are only improvements, not the paramount features 😌