Tweet Made this small video showing how powerful @docswrite_blog is.

Export your Google Docs to WordPress in seconds.

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Simplified the Blog posts management page after listening to all the Twitter feedback. had its first virtual meet.

Thanks, @thelifeofrishi and @mannupaaji

We learned so much from each other.


We will be doing more meetups like this every month.
@AppSumo reached out to me to list @docswrite_blog on their platform.

Should I do Life Time Deals?

People are more interested in my personal blog than other business blogs!

Lesson learned. Build your personal branding!

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When someone helps you to design.

The power of #buildinpublic
@sandeep_indie Maybe something like this?
How can I improve this Post Management UI?

- Should I hide some of this buttons options under a sub-menu?

- Maybe get rid of showing the timestamps?


I have improved the Onboarding flow. Now it's ridiculously simple.

Thanks to @tashicorp @pscheit
How can I improve this onboarding UI?

None can take back your email list!

Hence start building one using today!
Say no to features that won't increase your revenue!

The goal should be automated income! #buildinpublic
Build features that your customers want not the ones you want!

I'm thinking of having a "Try @docswrite_blog" feature on the landing page.

A big Input Box → Paste Google Docs link → Immediately gives you a permanent blog post link

What do you think about this?
This can be good for the marketing of

@remotefront received 1800+ clicks from Google.
Last month it was 1200.

Hence I asked everyone to start blogging using @docswrite_blog for their business.

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August was one of the best months in my indie hacker journey.

🚀 I am able to soft launch @docswrite_blog
🙏 Made around $450 in revenue
👍 Gained 150+ more followers
🔥 Published 14 Articles across all my blogs ( thanks to my )

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Working on email verification for subscribers of blogs made with!

🔥 Different levels of fun working on email infrastructure!
This is how the default email subscription form would look for the native newsletter.

The button colour is taken from the blog's accent colour.

Another payout from 😍 ⁦@stripe⁩ for

MMR is not everything. Will use this money to outsource SEO blog posts.

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