Hi, @IndieHackers community what should I use for recurring payments

Here are few options

1. @stripe
2. @chargebee
3. @PaddleHQ
4. @gumroad
5. Anything else?

Pretty insane numbers here on my Twitter analytics.
Probably due to I am being active on twitter.
@docswrite_blog Blog homepage now gets a Google Docs to Blog comparison slider.

This would clearly convey the message of what it actually does.


What is harder?
One-off Sales?

A big feature update for beta users!
@docswrite_blog Now supports themes.

Each theme can also be customized.


If you use Google Docs for your content, checkout

I am still accepting beta users.
Get a stunning blog like this one just from Google Docs.

Reply with 👋 to receive closed beta access for free.

#buildinpublic #marketing
Yesterday I coded 15 hours and today I didn’t open my laptop. #buildinpublic #indiedeveloper
Yesterday I shipped automated og:image creation for…

🔥🔥 Just shipped! Sites created with will have the option to auto-generate the feature images for each blog post.

I know how hard it is to edit and set each og:image.

It will be available for paid users only.

😍 Check here
🔥 Who said that traditional media doesn't cover Indie projects?

In this article @MacGeneration talks about my Google Docs to Blogging platform

Thank you @nicolasfurno for writing about it.

docswrite, un nouveau système de blog où les articles sont écrits avec… Google Docs…
If your site is not scoring a perfect 100 score on mobile devices then what's the point of using static site generators?

From a sample blog created by does not use a static site generator.

Take your time to build a solid MVP.

What's the point of having a slow business blog running on your domain?

Please try to add value via your blog posts, only programmatic SEO does not add value for people.

Which platform is best for easier customer support?

Here is the dark version.

Which one looks better?
Today worked on polishing the homepage of
Now it looks kinda professional.

Which one looks better? Dark or Light?

Where do you write your blog posts?