Currently running an A/B with a paywall overlay, will run it for 7d #buildinpublic
Personalised mobile apps (iOS & Android) for our customers at has been a huge revenue driver and is automated for 90% using bots 🤖 and Trello. #buildinpublic #indiehackers
13.5k impressions on my latest reel in < 24h 👏 Never underestimate the power of cute dogs 🐶 #buildinpublic
Let's try out some black friday Instagram ads 🙈 #buildinpublic
Seeing a much higher conversion rate 📈 when payment is collected at the end of the flow.

Before: pay -> upload -> get images 👎
Now: upload -> pay -> get images 👍

After some more tinkering found out that heif-convert is much faster. The same HEIC file is converted in ~0.45s vs ~3.2s with imagick #buildinpublic
Just added an (overdue 😅) order confirmation email to ✉️ #buildinpublic
Getting a ton of bounces on the Stripe checkout page. For every succeeded payment I'm seeing at least 15 bounces. Might move the payment step to the very end of the flow instead of the beginning to see if it improves. #buildinpublic
Made the upload process much more visual on - CSS backdrop filter never disappoints ✨ #buildinpublic
I initially hacked 👕 together by self-hosting my own GPU that was running ngrok to expose an endpoint 😂 Worked like a charm and was able to generate thousands of images with it! #buildinpublic
Added kimono style to Also updated the style picker to show example images instead of just text - much better! 💪 #buildinpublic