Aaaand true to form...
I am choosing to #buildinpublic not share metrics and success but on the contrary because I will be needing A LOT of help and I will tap into this amazing community for support
For those of us that battle with anxiety. What if there was an app that sends you reminders about the things you are grateful for throughout the day, maybe even with images or gifs.

Details 👇

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Alright #nocode and #buildinpublic peeps

This idea has been nagging at me ever since I found nocode.

And is time to put it for a real test drive.

I’ve set up Yepso page and would like your feedback on it

Let me hear it market
Is this needed/wanted?
@MeetRemi launched today to the sound of silence, no new accounts, no new posts


Must keep going though, my main goal is to find 10 users that give it a true test.

In case you missed it, here is the launch tweet.

#nocode #buildinpublic
LAUNCH DAY! 🎉Happy to announce that the first iteration of a restaurant marketing platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence, is now live

@MeetRemi creates social media copy off the restaurant's menu and delivers it daily via e-mail


So there you have it, @MeetRemi, an app that creates copy off of your menu items, is ready to assist busy restaurant owners in creating a solid social media presence.

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@MeetRemi is close to launch, for all of us #nocode peeps out there... what is the best time to launch?

Morning #nocode, spent some time this morning creating the demo video for @MeetRemi. See it below, let me know your thoughts.

Is it clear what @MeetRemi does? Does it look easy to learn? What can be improved?

Launch coming soon... :D

Very happy with how the HiFi mockups for Remi AI are turning out... what do you think?

Also check out my new banner and intro :)

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Thought I'd share my progress from the start again and share you with the findings since I am a big advocate for the #buildinpublic movement. Now onto the first step...
Had a great conversation with Ayush. If you want to learn how to framework your past experiences to help you build your future, this is the podcast to listen to. Oh and, also the future of AI powered apps. #NoCode #BuildInPublic #100daysofnocode
I've been hard at work interviewing guests for the podcast.

Just in time for the weekend - check out the latest story with @NoCodeCarlos!!

A fellow maker with a laptop and a dream... I'm calling it a MakerPod - Let me know what you think!
Any of my #nocode fellows can connect me to a food truck owner/operator? I've got homework and gotta conduct some user research. I appreciate the help!

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Win for the morning is that I added an about me page to my portfolio. Tell me what you think


Built without hassle and code in @softr_io

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@PaulYacoubian Yes but id say share more lessons and progress, failures will be cherry on top - not because I want to see you fail, but because I think the #buildinpublic movement needs to open up to these as well.

Shoot all shots or wait for the perfect moment to shoot?

This way @copy_ai team gets to really push #buildinpublic to the limits and I get an opportunity to join a rising company. Nothing to lose for them, potential reputation loss for me. Sounds fair to me. Thoughts?
Oh and one more thing... with @softr_io you get your first custom domain free, so I was able to secure and use it thanks to @softr_io

I am definitely trying out this tool some more, is simple yet very effective. Like me. #nocode #buildinpublic
It's here:

Huge shoutout to @softr_io and @mkrtchyanartur for the assist in creating this.

#buildinpublic - had I not tweeted yesterday that I was having trouble with Webflow, I'd never received a message from Artur encouraging me to try @softr_io
@weekendceo Ive been stuck to @HowIBuiltThis book by @guyraz is super inspiring and it also encourages to share your journey, aka, #BuildInPublic
Should you sign up for the @bubble Bootcamp? Here's my experience 🧵👇 #nocode #buildinpublic #100DaysOfNoCode
#BuildInPublic #nocode
After a few weeks of being stuck with @OpenAI approval process, I finally submitted the application 🤞
For anyone building with #GPT3 here a few recommendations: 🧵