.@hbthegreat_ is tackling todays issues in our daily #buildinpublic session.

Have a dev question, want some code tips or want to know more about the #timetracking tool we're building? Drop in, say hi + ask us anything at

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Freelancer? We'd love to hear from you!

Some awesome @academyxi UX students are helping us design our workflow builder so we can help you save hours on your admin tasks.

Really appreciate you sharing your experiences at…

+ #buildinpublic Day 10 is on!
Join @hbthegreat_ live on @Twitch as he continues building our #TimeTracking tool at

Currently working on our tagging system so you can organise and track all the jobs you get done throughout the day.

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Happy Monday! We're back for Day 9 of our #buildinpublic marathon! Check out what we're working towards in our @figmadesign designs + tune in live on @Twitch for a #behindthescenes look at what life is like at a #startup!

Details + live stream link at…
Have you tuned into our #buildinpublic marathon yet? We had a great chat with @JournoStef from @SmartCompany last week about what we're up to.

Get all the details at…
1/2 Happy Friday friends! It's Day 8 of our #buildinpublic marathon!

We've spoken to hundreds of freelancers over the past year, and now we're putting that feedback to work in our 30 day rebuild!

Catch @hbthegreat_ streaming it all on @Twitch right now
Want more #buildinpublic action? @claridgicus is live at building our project agenda view.

Drop in and say hiđź‘‹

Also thanks to everyone that voted and helped us pick the segment name. 'James after dark' is officially a thing!

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A very focused @hbthegreat_ is building our #timetracking tool live on @twitch today until 4pm (AEDT) drop in and say hi at

We're currently rebuilding our entire start up! Get all the details at…

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We're back! Join us for day 7 of our 30 day #buildinpublic marathon!
1/3 Time flies when you're having fun! Day 7 of our #buildinpublic marathon is underway!

Our form builder upgrade is launching early next week!
âś… Fully customisable fonts
âś… Fully customisable colours
âś… Ready to embed on your site
âś… Enters submissions straight into our CRM
1/3 Day 6 of our #buildinpublic marathon is kicking off.

I have a quick question for you all today, What's the most time consuming task that you still do manually as a freelancer or growing agency? Let us know in the comments below!
Come and see what we got done today Ryan has been kicking goals in the time tracking space and James has made some solid progress with our agenda view so you can better track your projects.

Drop in and say hi 👉

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We're back! Drop in and say hello, we'll be chatting calendar views, time tracking and more! #buildinpublic #behindthescenes
[Day 5] 30 day marathon of building with @MilestonePay. #buildinpublic. Office Hours…
1/3 Day 5 of our #buildinpublic marathon is kicking off.

Yesterday @claridgicus took over the night shift and made some great progress on our agenda view, which shows you exactly what you have on that day and links with all the tasks you have listed in our contract builder.
There's a #buildinpublic live code bonus round happening live on @Twitch with @claridgicus over at

Tune in and say hi to James as he builds our project agenda view and debates react vs angular.
Why the hell would anyone ever use react when vue and angular exist, come watch me build an agenda component the ez way
Wondering what we got done today? Come and chat about the quirks about building a time tracking tool

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[Day 4] 30 day marathon of building with @MilestonePay. #buildinpublic. Office Hours…