Gratitude post! + New youtube video 🎙️

Thank you everyone after 1 month on twitter and youtube I have achieved more then I ever thought!

PS Checkout my review of @mysticlabsai

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Huge annuoncement🎙️

Today I pushed my first 20+ minute video

I also did my first ever code walk through

Thanks @iCodeThis for another awesome challange

PS These days you really can build advanced layouts with just #HTML and #CSS

Happy sunday!

I just pushed another video but about how to build a #javascript shopping cart. Carts may seem easy to build but they teach you soo much about arrays, loops, and obects.

#100DaysOfCode #buildinpublic
Headless is really great!

I am learning soo much if you know JS it's a good starting base.

#buildinpublic #javascript