And in an era of rapid digitization, will trust emerge as the new global currency? What are your thoughts? What are you investing in?

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Are you part of our user community? We'd love to hear from you! Your feedback is our compass. Keep an eye on this space for more updates!

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A week into, and the stats are shouting loud and clear - it's been an impressive kickoff! We've soared past the 200-user mark. 🚀

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Crazy to think how quickly this industry is growing. So exciting! Read the thread...

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DevHunt. Day 5.

- 15 developers joined a discord chat today

- we've spent the day coding

- created most of the backend using @supabase

- implemented the home page, product page, @github auth...(everything "almost done" :D)

- agreed on a code style

- deployed to @vercel……
When the Founder & CEO of #LangChain @hwchase17 retweets your day one product launch...things get exciting! Thanks for the support.

Check us out @NewsParrot_AI -…

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Thank you to all our friends that supported our launch. We're a small network but had some memorable feedback on Day 1!

Thank you all and a special thank you to the Head Squawkers @SteenDoesTech and @CroBro19 for their tireless work. Great job!

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Calling out my #ProductHunt squad! Just a few hours left to vote. Support #buildinpublic apps like ours, NewsParrot: Your personalized newsletter, powered by AI…

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We’re live on Product Hunt! 🎉 - Get your own personalized, AI-curated newsletter for free today!

It’s like Google Alerts on steroids!

Stop wasting time researching, get all your info fed to you, your way.…

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Getting ready for launch day.

The team has been clocking in ~18 hour days for the past 2 weeks. Our goal: make it easier/faster for people to consume the news they want, in the way the want it.