Can anyone suggest banking as a service (BaaS) companies that offer best-in-market savings accounts in the EU? So far I've found the following:

Open Bank Project

#buildinpublic… added a new page where the #LookerStudio connectors will live. Any new data source requests? #buildinpublic #dataviz
Top 5 heaviest #dog breeds (avg. kg):

1️⃣ 🐕 Boerboel & St. Bernard - 70.5
3️⃣🐾 Great Dane - 68
4️⃣🐶 Leonberger - 65.5
5️⃣🐕‍🦺 Irish Wolfhound - 65

Want more? I just launched a community connector on #LookerStudio for the @TheDogAPI: #buildinpublic
🐶 My latest project is a community connector for Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio), powered by the Dog API!

Next up? Building connectors to multiple public APIs and bundling them with different pricing tiers for convenience. 🎁💰

Stay tuned. #buildinpublic
I've consolidated the data analysis tools under one navigation item, making it easier to access both the Correlation Matrix Generator and Text Analyser. My plan is to build a data analysis toolset and release it for free. 📊 Check it out: #buildinpublic
Today I built a free correlation matrix generator. If you ever find yourself with lots of data points and wondering how to prioritise your analysis, you can upload your CSV and get a handy matrix in an instant with this tool. #buildinpublic…
@mynameisyahia I'd also be interested. I'm trying to curate a list of the indiehackers that produce the best content and #buildinpublic :…
Is there a tool to push updates to both indiehackers and twitter? #buildinpublic
I also got GPT-4 to write a blog post about it. I used the API & Nokogiri to feed it the homepage copy, and then mentioned the target audience and the main points the article should contain. I also used DALL-E 2 for the image. It's not bad! #buildinpublic…
The word counter tool is linked below. You can use it for example to perfect your tweets, or improve your marketing copy. #buildinpublic
The Fry Readability Ease Score (FRES) formula estimates the ease of reading a text by considering sentence length and syllables per word. Higher score means easier text. FRES = 206.835 - (1.015 x avg. sentence length) - (84.6 x avg. syllables per word). #buildinpublic
Just updated the word counter with sentiment & readability scores using AFINN-111 & the FRES formula respectively. I learnt about both using ChatGPT and implemented both in about an hour in a static website, which is pretty crazy. #buildinpublic" #jekyll
Added keyword density and will be adding a sentiment and readability score next! Have to add tensorflow libraries via NPM.… #buildinpublic
Quite a productive day today! It's a great feeling to gradually improve an asset and be able to see the results so quickly. #buildinpublic #indiehackers
Made some improvements to Deep Dive Data's website! 💻📱

✅ Sorted out SEO tags for better search visibility 🔍 ✅ Optimized the Word Counter page for a seamless mobile experience:… 📲
#BuildInPublic #SEO #ResponsiveDesign #WebDev
🚀 Excited to launch the Word Counter tool! Inspired by @PierreDeWulf's tweet, I want to create a suite of free tools to empower people in their data analysis journey. Check it out below and stay tuned for more tools! #WordCounter #buildinpublic…
Just revamped the Deep Dive Data #Jekyll blog with the help of GPT-4. I optimized post titles, removed repetitive words, and cleaned up formatting. Plus, I auto-generated unique images for each post using Dall-E. #AI #buildinpublic
8/8 In essence, we’re leveraging AI not just to build better products but also to shape our marketing strategies. It’s a brave new world of startups and AI is our guiding light. #startup #validation #AI #marketing #chatgpt #buildinpublic #indiehackers
🚀 Just launched a trading bot that leverages GPT for news sentiment analysis to make investment decisions!

1. Optimize sentiment analysis 🧠
2. Implement advanced trading strategies 🔧

Check it out on GitHub:…

#AI #GPT3 #fintech #buildinpublic
I set a rule in Apple Mail to send me the Open Thread of a popular newsletter so that I can share the Interessant3 newsletter in the comments. I've had some success in the past as the audience interest crossover is pretty high between this newsletter and mine. #buildinpublic