Who’s ready to create their #Creator profile for #investors to find you?

We’re only a few weeks out!

Onboarding flows are starting to get finished!

@CreatorFunds_io launching April 1st!

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New & Improved #investor marketplace view.

Like the idea of investing in Creators?

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This is the #investor view for our creator economy marketplace.

What do you think?

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@mattlady Hold for #buildinpublic moment, but we don’t know exactly how we’re fitting in yet!

There will be ROI expectations for sure. Example: investor writes $100k check and creator provides profit share at 15% until $100k is made whole + 10% (or something like that)
Mock ups for our #Creator profiles under construction.

What should we add/remove/edit?

#creatoreconomy #investing #buildinpublic pre-release sign up numbers 👇

🛠 39 Creators
💰13 Investors

✅ 52 total pre-release sign ups!

Right now we’re building a creator<>investor matching app on @bubble with a launch date of April 1st.

Thank you for your support!

It’s been once week since our website went live. Here are the results:

- 39 sign-ups 🎉
— 29 Creators
— 10 Investors

Let’s get to 100 users this week!

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Is there any better feeling than making your first $ as an online creator?

The world opens up automatically.

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Everyone is weird in their own way, and there are plenty of other weirdos out there that will enjoy your weirdness enough to follow and support you.

Anybody else’s opinion is irrelevant.

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