Just sent out three pitches to magazines.

Topics gleaned from my Atomic Essays.

Start the day with what scares you the most.

"I hate writing pitches"="I am afraid to be rejected"

Following your resistance to take action despite fear.
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@dickiebush An amazing tool I use for creating my Sacred Hours with Focusmate where I schedule sessions with other strangers/creators for 50 minutes at a time. There is a minute spent checking in and then a check out minute. It is dope!
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@Oliviaodunn Love having you as a fellow traveler in my coaching workshop, the Travel Mindset School.

Learning how to tap into our creative potential can feel like learning a foreign language in a world of logic.
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The best $5 a month ever spent.

For the price of a done up bagel, I got unlimited access to Focusmate sessions.

Never been more productive and giddy about my work and creative projects!
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Want to make your daily life feel like a vacation?

Be spontaneous. Have moonlight parties in the car while munching on snacks.

Be grateful. Remember all the opportunities to connect around you.

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Focusmate is changing my life. If you haven't used it, sign up now.

It is simply working with a stranger to have 50 minutes of focused work.

Simple, effective and the best way to get my dopamine everyday but devoting time to my projects.
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When was the last time you took a trip that made you feel alive again?

Did you end up moving somewhere lovely and fall into the same patterns as before?

A fulfilling experience is not about where we are. It is about who we are.

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Have you ever opened up a book and the date in the first chapter is exact same date you decided to read it?

This has happened a few times to me, and it just happened again. It feels significant somehow.

Reading Diary: A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk.
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Setting boundaries is like breathing.
You realize how essential it is when you stop.
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