Daily Log: 8 July 2023

Didn't do much today due to other commitments. Landing page is done for the expense tracker.

Some final adjustments and testing and then move to deployment. All I need to find is free service to deploy backend.

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Daily log: 06 July 2023

A decent amount of time was spent on 🧵😅.

Studied SQL. Done with basic querying and filtering.

Started working on the landing page for my expense tracker. Done with the hero section.

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Daily log: 05 July 2023

Added loading animation and a bit of refactoring in the expense tracker project.

Studied Sql

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Daily log: 04 July 2023

Learnt SQL filtering queries...

All features of the expense tracker are done. What's left is testing, some refactoring and a landing page.

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Daily log: 02 July 2023

Built the avatar selection panel in the setting for the expense tracker.

I need a bit of opinion here. Which do you think looks better?

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Daily log: 01 July 2023

Building an avatar selection system. For user to select pfp. Currently trying to build a system that selects all images in a directory.

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Wow... just 1 more for a century😲

Made this as a surprise for a friend's birthday. At that time, I did not think it would come this far.

Feels great...

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Daily log: 27 June 2023

Started with the media queries for transaction tracker app. It's really verbose with tailwind. Is there any best practice to write clean code with tailwind or is it something that we just need to get used to?🤔

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Daily log: 26 June 2023

All planned features are done. Now all I need to do is media queries and a landing page.

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Daily log: 25 June 2023

User settings page done with base update options. Need to design a status logging system to show update messages.

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Daily log : 21 June 2023
Took a break from the project. Started learning SQL from today.

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Daily log: 20 June 2023

All important planned features are done for the transaction tracker. Next I will work on making the ui responsive and then move to deployment. Extra features will be added post deployment.

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Daily log: 19 June 2023

Analytics connected to the frontend. All I need now is to add some info graphics. Currently checking out chart.js but would love to have some suggestions for other charting libraries

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Daily log: 17 June 2023

Started with the analytics part. Backend api almost don

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Daily log: 14 June 2023

Transaction api integrated with the frontend. Will work to add certain budget analysis features from tomorrow.

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Daily log: 13 June 2023

Worked on integrating transaction features to the frontend. Stumbled upon an issue so had to restructure the component tree...

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Daily log: 9 June 2023

Resource fetching integrated to the frontend. Will work on integrating crud operations to the frontend tomorrow.

Daily log: 8 June 2023

Spent my day sparring with CORS. Integated authentication with the frontend. Login state now persists after page refresh.

Daily log : 7 June 2023 ( forgot to tweet)

Forms are an entirely different thing in React. So many states, validation and events. Thus I ended up with react hook form. Spent the day reading documentations and building forms. Login integated with the frontend.

Daily log

A significant part of the front end is done. Start with the backend integration tomorrow and do the minor components as needed. Here are some screenshots. (I know that the placeholder values don't make any sense. Please ignore them😅)