Day 27 of #buildinpublic

Fundamentals are SO important when approaching a subject - but our ego tends to mislead us into thinking that we don't need them.

Just today, a bunch of❓s finally clicked by simply watching a lecture on some #electrochemistry basics (see below)
Day 27 of #buildinpublic

Looked at different areas in energy storage that I may pursue through research.

They are:

a) Flow batteries - flexible, long-lasting, instant recharging, energy-dense, liquid-based storage
b) Thermal energy storage - store energy for heating/cooling
Day 26 of #buildinpublic

1/ It's been a few days, during which (I'll be honest) I haven't gotten much done. A technical blocker has prevented my progress on my simulation, and this week has passed with fun, friends & family being the biggest highlight.
Day 25 of #buildinpublic

Was reading I, Steve and liked his thoughts on design:

"In most peoples vocabularies, design means veneer. But to me, it's really how it works. It's a fundamental soul of a man-made creation that expresses itself in outer layers of the product/service.
Day 24 of #buildinpublic

Today there were school volleyball tryouts. I was dying to go but knew that I should do otherwise bc it didn't align with my priorities + values.

Sacrifice (when made in your best interest) feels like 💩but is valuable in the long-term.
Day 23 of #buildinpublic

Today, I worked on putting content together, specifically my article for my battery-sc hybrid energy storage system simulation.

I'm feeling grateful for my health, family, room, warmth and more and looking forward to continuing w this momentum 💨
Day 21 of #buildinpublic

Focused on using patents as a tool in @theksociety session today. Not only did I realize how valuable patents can be in addition to papers, I gained technical knowledge in the #battery problem of degradation and lowered capacity.

summary below 🔋
Day 20 of #buildinpublic

The environment in which you immerse yourself + the work that you focus on determines the way you see and think about the world.

Consuming content and building relationships outside the border of your knowledge can change that.
Day 19 of #buildinpublic

Midweek update💨
- priority is getting article and video for simulation project written and filmed by Friday
- spent today researching control strategies and components in HESS, but facing a blocker in circuit-building
- going to complete research tmrw
Day 19 of #buildinpublic

From childhood, we’re told that no matter what, quitting is bad.

But today, I had first-hand experience seeing how saying no can be a win.

It was a tough pill to swallow + act on, but reminding myself that putting my needs first is not wrong was 🔑
I missed my #buildinpublic challenge for 3 days. I'm disappointed in myself, but not going to throw away the effort.

Instead, I'm going to use this as an opportunity to make sure this doesn't happen again -- aka, to increase my momentum. Look in thread for my action items ⤵️
Day 16 of #buildinpublic

A blocker I was facing in my project was connecting a port to my circuit.

I kept getting this error & in the end, the frustratingly simple problem was that I was connecting the wrong type of port to my circuit... Here's what I learned: ⏬
Day 15 of #buildinpublic

Halfway through the challenge, one big takeaway I have is that more attention should be paid on what you spend time on.

Even if you're working as hard as possible, it's useless if the task at hand doesn't deliver useful results 🦬
Day 14 of #buildinpublic

After a week of pursuing my HESS simulation, I finally made substantial progress (see below a pic of the buck-boost convertor and supercapacitor I built)

Lesson learned; discipline shines through the window of persistence 🔍
Day 13 of #buildinpublic

Took a leisure day today and went on the longest bike ride I've done so far 🚲 If there's one thing I learned, it's that nature and exercise are the most mood-lifting, exhilarating activities.

Brushing them aside is a mistake I don't want to repeat!
Day 12 of #buildinpublic

👢While problem solving with a team today, I learned:

- Unconventional + nice-sounding problems aren't a be all end all
- Specificity allows you to go from 🩹 solutions to addressing the root cause
- Identifying problem is as important as fixing it
Day 11 of #buildinpublic

Close-mindedness in a physical sense (ie. blocking out things from your perspective👁️) links to the desire to see what you want/not what is.

Contrarily, by being receptive, you open yourself to reality, which reinforces behaviour that aligns with it.
Day 9 of #buildinpublic

1/ Played my first game of volleyball against another team in nearly 2 years today. Here are some valuable lessons that came to my attention 📈
Day 8 of #buildinpublic

🥅Today, my goals are to:
- Further my understanding of solar PV-battery-supercapacitor hybrid energy storage systems
- Lay out plan for what to test in my simulation
- Get familiar with Octave online platform
Day 7 of #buildinpublic

A key metric of self discipline is not only to persist on a task when it's hard, but also when it gets boring, familiar & monotonous.

💄Important things don't always look pretty; chase the (80)/20 instead of novelty.