@heykahn Congrats, I also #buildinpublic for right now, hope I can also get such growth curve!
🚀 Exciting news! We're unveiling our #buildinpublic pre-launch:! 🚀

Here's what you can expect:

1️⃣ A tool that transforms a few words into social media video clips.
2️⃣ User-friendly interface for effortless content creation.
3️⃣ A sneak peek into our……
Here's a sneak peek of ✨🤖

It allows you to generate text and images in the same document. To demonstrate, a cocktail moodboard was created. 🍹📝

Stay tuned for more! #buildinpublic #nanogritchallenge @typenotesai
Exciting news from @spellhq: AutoGPT agents with plugins are coming next week! These agents can access APIs like Zapier, Wolfram, manipulate files, search the web, and more. Stay tuned for this significant upgrade! #AutoGPT #buildinpublic #gpt4
🔥 Introducing Puddl - Gain visibility and track your OpenAI costs effortlessly!

📊 Get a comprehensive overview of your OpenAI API expenses in a flash
💰 Best part? It's absolutely FREE!

Give it a try!
#buildinpublic #OpenAI #LangChainAI #TrackYourCosts
💼 Introducing Multi-Agent AutoGPT! 🔥
- Operate multiple agents simultaneously
- Web search & in-memory file management capabilities
- Easily share links to active or finished agents
- Supports GPT3.5 & GPT4

#AutoGPT #BuildInPublic #GPT4 #MultiAgent