A lot of you folks out there raised concern on the landing page not providing enough clarity. Decided to stop working on new features and have the landing page revamped.

What do you think? Does it convey what the product is in under 10 sec?

People would rather click on levelsio content in a feature screenshot than my 7 CTAs 😂

Milestone alert:
Reached 50 signups today!
Started working on Cold DM exactly a month ago. Huge pivot midway. Still a long way to go 🥹

Next steps:
☑️ Send out launch emails to signed up users.
☑️ Learn wtf is marketing and start doing it

Created a Telegram bot to notify on new signups.
The best kind of notifications, of course can't beat Stripe's tho 😄

There was some confusion if Cold DM was a community or a SaaS or wtf. well, it's a Saasinity, ofcurz 😉

Building a professional network is all about volume.

What better way to bring people in than with a few SaaS options?

100 visitors in 5 days even before launch.
Thanks to @getorhack, @JoinColdDM is now truly #buildinpublic
You can now check out Cold DM's public metrics at…

@getorhack is a super helpful friend and he's shipping features almost everyday nw 🔥 If you're a #buildinpublic maker and haven't setup public metrics, you definitely gotta give Scoredup a try 💯
12 out of 16 visitors signed up in 4 hours after adding this section.

Previously, majority of the landing page content was about the product.

Making this one section about the user and what value they would add to the community turned out to be gold

Hey #buildinpublic folks,
Would you click that white button in the bottom?
Building tools that enhance the use of Twitter, thus making it all purposed, has been the winning trend.

While here I'm, building to take one such purpose away from Twitter.

Genius or stupid?
Probably stupid, but why not? 😉

What are you building? Show us 👇

How did you come up with the pricing for your product?
What else should be considered other than competitor pricing & profit margin?

Davinci is on point 💯

New shiny feature update:
Create cold outreach message templates with the help of AI.

ps: AIs ain't got no feelings. They're cold af. iykyk

More snow anyone?
Public profile revamped to suit the core product theme

How about 'ColdDM. me/elonmusk' ? 😉

This is what I love about #buildinpublic buddies. They go above and beyond when fellow makers need help. One such super nice guy is @thisissukh_ 💯
@0xshrini Programmatic SEO is something you should try. SEO in general is a good strategy - cheaper and people find you vs. the other way around.

I bet your customers are looking for examples of what good cold DMs look like.
Hey guys, is GST registration (or any company registration at all) compulsory for sole proprietorship on Stripe India? Also, should the business name be owner's name?
Sneak peak: Public profiles on @JoinColdDM

Btw, those white spots in the background. That's supposed to be snow 😄

#buildinpublic #ColdDM
Sneak peak of how public profiles will look on @JoinColdDM ☃️

Btw, those white spots in the background. That's supposed to be snow 😄

#buildinpublic #ColdDM
Firebase is a 10, but it's actually a 100 🚀

I'm 90% done on my mvp for in under 5 days. And that includes multi provider authentication, db/storage, apis, email/push notifications etc

"Idea to mvp" time is getting insanely lower n lower

How long does it take for you to go from having a new idea to buying a domain for it?

It took me just 5 min today 😅