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First run (or first harvest) of @letterhive_app 🎉

I setup an archive for my weekly newsletter, which is here -

Day 2 of #buildinpublic for personal brand dashboard! 🌞

Fine-tuning elements!

Each element comes with a brief description, a few tips, and a personal brand sample of yours truly (Surprise!) with a bit of expose.

Elements may also have sub-elements.

Elementception? 🧐
⚡️ Pro tip:
Try to build a community around your product early on.

This drives engagement, ties you and your biggest fans together and gives your early adopters a voice, helping you align your roadmap correctly.


#startup #buildinpublic #SaaS
Just made a block of general #COVID19 #rules for more comfy viewing, so you can get the details not only for visas on #glomad #buildinpublic
Laravel Tip 🔥
Use when or mergeWhen in laravel API Resource to check if the condition is met.
#Laravel #PHP #buildinpublic
I devote 1-2 hours a day learning about #web3. It's so early in this space that there is always something new to learn. #buildinpublic #web3community #diversityandInclusion
My now usual weekend away from the laptop.

Sure I still have pangs of missed time & opportunity but I reckon I benefit from it during the week.

I might even go back to working weekends if it suits but I'll keep a closer eye on my energy levels.

At school: Study this

At work: Work on this project

Financial independence: It's up to you to learn and choose

We are not prepared for this, but when we manage to make the turn. Life takes on a different flavor

#growthhacking #buildinpublic #financialindependence
How to tell your product story to everyone?

Often we try answer every question someone might have while #marketing our products.


❌ Great positioning isn’t about telling

✅ It’s about intriging people to ask questions.

A few design updates this morning 🎨
Take a look 👉
🚨 Update on ChirpTag! #buildinpublic

✅ User Journey
✅ Potential Pages
✅ Functional Flow
✅ Database Design

⚡️ Time for the fun part! Design ;)
Lanzamiento Doble! 🚀 🍕

Ayer, después de un porrón de meses, vieron la luz 2 cosas que me hacían una ilusión tremenda.

Ya está aquí, ✨ mi casita en internet ✨

Y la acompaño de un poco de #buildinpublic para explicar todo 👇
Did a real-life #buildinpublic stint with this silly sand fort on my beach day out as people around me looked on my making journey. Also, #nocode was involved in making this 😜