Tonight I couldn't progress with anything.

It's been a busy day out with the kids, and the evening was even busier.

I'll try again tomorrow.

So close to shipping the first @TeaJoyBox!!!

Can't wait for you to try the new teas 🫖

Get on the VIP list 👇

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Debería existir una plataforma para organizar los updates de los creadores que están construyendo en público…

indiegrow day #8 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

Want to make friends on Twitter? let's lurk less and talk more. 🍻

Here is a thread 🧵 of good conversations to chime in and comment 👇

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Changing things up on the site design a bit. Here is some progress
Moving forward, my #buildinpublic is going to be me posting @Miro Boards and Screen Shots of #Automation, and RevOps / SalesOps / MarektingOps and SuccessOps in @HubSpot.

If you're not into Operations or Automation - this is your chance to unfollow me.

You have been warned 😋
An insight into RevOps Automation. #buildinpublic

I'm developing our strategy workshops. These are designed to provide businesses with an implementable plan to align marketing, sales, success and product.

It also ensures that the CRO acquires the right data, for reporting.
☑️Day 2 of #buildinpublic

Focus today is to:
- Edit and publish 2 articles on #thermoelectricity (will add to thread by EOD)
- Continue to work through paper on supercapacitors, materials and key challenges
- Identify bottleneck to focus project on
My latest post for aiSports. All about how we started. Going live in 10 days!

#buildinpublic #aisports…
Been building this periodically over the past year. Plan events, share details with others, and create lists of what people are bringing. And most importantly, no need to create an account: #buildinpublic
This was Day #360 of the project, building GtA #buildInPublic:

- Worked in my day job.
- Fixed two bugs in GetTheAudience. I'm quite happy about that, and so will be my dear audience explorers!
The muse is only a conduit of inspiration.
You still have to do the work.
This can help.


@dickiebush and @Nicolascole77
How stop loosing interesting newsletters in a heap of spam?

Just write a post about how i solve this problem:…

If you have the same problem - DM me! I'll create an MVP within the next two weeks if there're at least 30 interested people #buildinpublic
J'ai lancé c'est cool, c'est fait. Par contre, le copywriting il est I-N-E-X-I-S-T-A-N-T. C'est parti pour lire 2-3 livres de copywriting et revenir avec une page de vente en béton avant de dépenser en FB Ads. Ça serait mettre un coup d'épée dans l'eau🗡️ #buildinpublic #1hparjour
LinksBook v2 #buildinpublic update

✅Nested collections (with issues to be fixed)
✅You can now delete a bookmark from a collection only
✅Automatically adds <new> tag to newly created bookmark
Day 2 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

Built a journal on Day 1 (too keen 😬) so learnt more about @NotionHQ on YouTube.

🛠️ Created a template for future entries to save myself time.

Surprised (and honoured!) to feature on the @100daysnocode newsletter 😍
#nocode #buildinpublic
Life and death are interdependent. - The Mt. St. Helens Monument, Washington