Searching works! I can search for words in the description or from the receipt name itself.

πŸ”Ÿ Can't function w/o mind maps b/c my 🧠= systemic relationships. And I almost always include @icons_8 icons.

βœ… Finished all 12 breast shapes pre-@airtable
βœ… Reminded self that bra styles to avoid = OUT OF SCOPE for MVP
βœ… Now saving breast drawings for Tues

All of my recent tweets have been posted with @GoBuildReal & optimized with AI / GPT-3.

Still working to get the prompt right, but as someone who often overanalyzes tweets, tweeting quickly & easily from a chrome extension like this is a game changer. #buildinpublic
1/1000 True (and secret) Fans 😹

Anymore for anymore? πŸ™ˆ

1/ BIG: we're working on #AI based model @Stack3DAO to automate project scoping - the model can help streamline the scoping and save tons of time for agencies & clients🧡

#freelancers #developers #blockchain #DAOs
#founders #saas #product #nocode #buildinpublic @bubble

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