Boring SaaS Business Experiment update:

Working on pricing tiers. Not wanting to waste time, I went to the good 'ol ChatGPT. Explained I was working on a B2B SaaS that needed tiers.

It offered a few choices. I'm going with Free, Standard, and Advanced.

So easy

#buildinpublic gang, how do you score your ideas 💡???

I'm struggling with it and would like to connect for help and brainstorm
Nowadays, I am clicking on every link linked with a product launch

Just to see:
• the landing page copy
• the pricing page design
• whether they use tailwind or not
#solopreneur #buildinpublic life 🙆
48 hours.

I haven’t done anything productive.

That’s why no #buildinpublic updates in 48 hours.

Asthma is troubling me and can’t focus on work.

Oh lord! Forgive me for the sin of not being productive and neglecting my work! 😬🫢🫠🫣