People are much more likely to try out and buy a product that they can see being improved upon in real-time. 😎 #buildinpublic
Hit a new peak of visitors yesterday to 😃

Humble beginnings

#buildinpublic #bootstrapping
Thought I was almost done with the frontend, ready to work on the backend, and then realized I forgot an entire section.

There goes the day. #buildinpublic
Agency work finished for the week - time to build 🥳

Working on candidate profiles + CV uploads and cont. jobs filtering over the next couple of days.

What are you working on? 🙂

Hope you're having a productive week so far!
Need to fix these font sizing/styles today! (using @super_ and @NotionHQ). Also going to widen the max possible width. Presuming this is a CSS thing! :) #buildinpublic…