“I need to follow more people on Twitter.

Who are some #buildinpublic people you recommend?”
Hi guys! Did you get a chance to read the 'setup' thread? What are your thoughts?

I'll be glad to get your feedback about it.

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Before starting to code, you need to set up your environment.

From @github to Visual Studio @code, here are a few steps to get ready to start coding.

N.B. this setup applies to macOS machines. Comment "Hi!" to this thread and I'll send you details for Windows machines too.
On a mission to #buildinpublic a project (with under $1k budget) that helps entrepreneurs.

1⃣Step 1: Idea

As a business consultant, I had to spend dozen research hours to find knowledge I needed. Resources are indeed out there, but why should it take so much time to find them?
Just what I needed after a long week and right before I am about to head to bed ☺️ #buildinpublic #happyuser #nocode #saas #productivity #software #technology