We're building something new! 🤔

Since Twitter's API changes, this website is no longer working. I'm considering ways to relaunch it. In the mean time check out WIP.

WIP is a community of makers shipping together. We hold eachother accountable, exchange feedback and ideas, and celebrate our wins.

When you're depressed because of a bug.

Listen to some Afrobeat, you just feel better right away.

A life-changing tip to my fellow indiehackers 😉

#indiehackers #buildinpublic
Engaging with early adopters: How do you nurture your first community members? Share your strategies! #community #earlyadopters #buildinpublic
Just did 25 minute run. Only 2.2km… Need to keep my body fit in long run!

Another milestone just reached for under @_nightsweekends

Data visualisation of new followers growth on my profile

@pepulofficial cofounder Suresh Kumar Inviting 100 Startups and entrepreneurs who sell products to customers (B2C). They planned to provide mentorship, community, and growth assistance and selected startups financial support as well.

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