WOW 35,670 views in 2 days!

Based on all the interest, I've tweaked our #buildinpublic strategy to capitalize on this moment.

I just had a really insightful strategy conversation with my brother and want to share:

1. WHAT exactly happened
2. HOW we've just changed our strategy
Had to re-write all the component styling because of some compatibility some issues.

Day 29 of #100DaysOfCode

✅ Re-wrote all component styling using @tailwindcss
✅ Added theme toggle

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#daisyui #uiuxdesign #reactjs
@hustle_fred Building our design subscription service - Anytime Design

Here we go... 1.1.0 is submitted for review. 🚀

I just realized I should not have updated the description with the new version.

Reviewing the updated description takes longer than just submitting the new version.