I know it's not much, but I'm so keen on 'just showing up' every day. Enjoying the process is the goal, not the destination. #buildinpublic

Thank you to our latest paid @Vexus_Digital customer!🙏
As software developers, it is also our job to simplify the installation of our software for the end user.

Spent my free time on simplifying the self-hosting instructions for @CourseLit.

My APOD has much needed update. It now gets notifications as soon as new APOD is released.
#indiedev #buildinpublic #iosdev #appdev…
Code is like a recipe - you need to follow the steps in order to get the desired result. 🍲💻🧑‍🍳 #codinganalogies #recipe #100DaysOfCode #buildinpublic
What I have Learned From Twitter & Growing a completely new account complete with a Newsletter Blog @TheMycophiliac (still to new for Twitter blue)

Follow along as I build in public #buildinpublic to see the Journey and "Living Case Study" of Newsletters Growth &SEO @……