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Today was really interesting.

- First, I wrote a new Atomic Essay for #ship30for30,
- then I planned a very simple architecture for the first version of @newsbundler. It looks like the old 2-tier schema will have a revival, here. Can't believe it!

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Day 6/100: I wrote a base class for my models today where other classes in the model will subclass from to avoid repetition. Also read some articles.

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Day 2 of our #buildinpublic rebuild marathon is kicking off! Thanks to everyone that tuned in yesterday!

➡️Morning WIP 10-10:15am
➡️Live coding session 12:30-4pm
➡️Daily wrap up 4-4:15pm

Join us live on Twitch…

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Les alertes pour les aliments périmés sont fonctionnelles, ce ne sont pas encore des notifications push, mais ça viendra !

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Give me honest but constructive feedback on this thread, please.

I am blind to the things I dont know :)

In return, I will send you dessert. One piece of dessert per piece of feedback.

Give me honest but constructive feedback on this thread, please.

I am blind to the things I dont know :)

I've been meaning to improve landing pare for a while... and it is finally happening!


presenting you first alpha version of new redesign!


How do you like it?

OMG, please help us win the #GoldenKittyAwards2021❤️! Thanks for the nominations, we can do this dreamers🤩 #WAGMI

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Congrats to @AlbertPurnama @itsKevinChandra
@michwirantono @putrikarunian and @anthonyharrisc as your product ‘Typedream’ is a finalist in @producthunt’s #GoldenKittyAwards2021 for the No Code category 🎉
I always thought that having custom language translation is the superior way to do it. However I have seen some websites rely solely on Google Translate.

What is everyone's preference when it comes to making a website multi-lingual?

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Earnings from crypto DeFi are booming!

So I'm reinvesting those hard-earned crypto tokens to get some part-time help with

1 month and two weeks ago, I shook hands with a freelancer—to work with me on a part-time basis.

Only 1 hour free today so I’ve been hitting YouTube for iPad sleeve videos. This wasn’t available 12 years ago so this as research, education of methods & trying to identify efficiencies in production &design.
Can you tell I have an engineering background? 😉 #buildinpublic
Cost to build SaaS Apps in the 2010s;
👩‍💻 Team of Devs
💵 Thousands of dollars
⏳ 6mo of time

Now, it cost much less to build an ultimate SaaS app in a fraction of time, thanks to micro-services & tons of tools!

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #SaaS
@MWCanHelp Nice to meet you.

If you search via hashtags #MarketingTwitter and #BuildinPublic you'll find a lot of people here with same background. Also joining in conversations that interest you is a good way to connect.
Day 17/30 #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
The questions editor is almost finished.
The survey form seems complete except for handling the open responses.
I'm getting closer to my MVP and the feeling is awesome! 💪

Here's a quick preview:
Day 6️⃣ - Build in public diary:

- The A/B tests dashboard is now fully functional
- Part of the backend re-written to be more performant for a ~smoother~ UX
- Only Stripe integration and new variations form to go!

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #saas