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Since Twitter's API changes, this website is no longer working. I'm considering ways to relaunch it. In the mean time check out WIP.

WIP is a community of makers shipping together. We hold eachother accountable, exchange feedback and ideas, and celebrate our wins.

Day 31-32 of #100DaysOfCode

I have been coding this portfolio site from YT for last 2 days. Did I just copy-paste?

No. I took my time to understand every small detail. It increased my design sense and got me familiar with different modules.

#javascript #buildinpublic
investing in myself and entrepreneurship made me more money than real estate ever did, so much so that I am selling my home

@heykahn Congrats, I also #buildinpublic for right now, hope I can also get such growth curve!
I don't hate the login screen - it's not amazing but it's a lot better to what I had before