Had a good chat with a @ThirstAndGrowl vendor prospect. It's good to learn about their pain points, so we can align the product to ease those pains. Adopted The Mom Test methodology by @robfitz during the convo. Highly recommend it.

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Having a cappuccino. Learning Keynote. Working on v2 of @ThirstAndGrowl's pitch deck thanks to @CharlieCuddy's feedback. Prepping for a chance to pitch at @FounderUni. Doing the startup!

#buildinpublic #startup #foodie #streetfood
Thank you for the support and shout-out @jenny_community It was wonderful sharing my vision and status of the app with you. Can't wait to use it myself as well. 😊

#foodie #foodtruck #streetfood #buildinpublic #startup
Loved getting to chat with @monocat today and learn more about @ThirstAndGrowl! #Foodies and food truck lovers, you’ll definitely want to be all over this app when it debuts!