I have the first prototype for outpainting/inpainting editor for Still, a lot of work to do.

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Well, that didn't take long. 400.000 images generated!

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New update!

- Credits system. 12 credits each 30 minutes if you were online in the last 48 hrs. Max 1200 credits this way
- Get 1200 credits by winning in a daily challenge
- FAQ page
- Updated header, name & email display

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Strength slider is now inverted. "Prioritize creativity" is on the left, "Prioritize init image" is on the right

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New update!

- Write something simple, e.g. "A fantasy castle" & click the double-arrow button. Your prompt will be extended. My results in this thread
- Several bug fixes
- Credits page
- A lot of server-side updates

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- Added job retries, bugs with generation stopping or throwing an error should gone
- Fixed bug with other people's images (At least I think so)
- Made a simple admin panel for me
- Improved workers quite a bit

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Wow, I posted my new project on r/InternetIsBeautiful few hours ago and got 200k+ views so far 😍😍
Project :
It uses AI to generate dresses in a tap

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🎉🎉🎉 Some users are spending more than 37 minutes on my new website
Project :
It uses AI to generate dresses in a tap

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#indiehackers #reddit #stablediffusion #fashion #Website
You can now share your dreams via a link. Includes prompt and all the parameters; + "Evolve this" button coming soon!

One of my creations:

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2 new RTX 3090ti are online thanks to Gohan472 from our discord! Wait time should decrease, + I bumped the generated image count to 4

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#buildinpublic : Update is not great in generating human models
So I am changing the algorithm, now it will generate dress designs in mannequin set.

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Just added a random prompt generator, as some people requested it.

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Added simple authentication to Need to start working on payments, as I can't sustain 3000 image generations per hour much longer.

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New update.

- Added signup with Google
- Added "Nothing here yet" thingy
- Made a system for me to change the generation settings in real-time
- Increased images generated per request from 2 to 3, we'll see how it goes

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Does anyone know of any image filters just for the really bad stuff (gore, child porn)?

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Several people reported google login not working. I'm trying to fix that now.

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-Added Sentry, an error-tracking service
- Fixed google auth. Some users didn't have a last name, and it was required in the database schema

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- File names of images you download now include prompt, seed, and generation index (New images only)

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- Added display of today's daily challenge theme on the website

Post your submissions in discord. Upvote submissions with ❤️. Submission with the most upvotes gets posted on twitter and in discord.

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Favorites, more samplers, upscaling, better variations next

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🎉 My new project is live :

It's a fashion designer AI which generates dress designs using stable diffusion.

If you design any nice dresses using TD AI, reply them here please 😊

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Have an unused domain, gonna build Stable Diffusion UI as a fun experiment

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I'm enabling NSFW filter. Some users are generating child porn.

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Small update for

- Realtime images generated counter
- Realtime down for maintenance page with any custom message. Configurable from mongo-express database admin panel.

All via websockets.

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Planning to rework the whole UI and add adjustable parameters (aspect ratio, seed, scale, strength) + display the init image.

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AI art generation websites are overcharching their users.
Prices per 1000 images:
32$, dalle2
26.5$, nightcafe, the most expensive plan
14$, dreamstudio

The GPU operation cost for generating these images was probably under a dollar.

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I want to be available for as many people as possible.

This includes a generous free plan, cheap paid plans, and a more expensive paid plan with (almost) unlimited generations.

More info coming later :)

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Made a reddit post, and the traffic is insane. My 2 sad GPUs can barely keep up with the demand. I'm sorry guys if it takes a long time to generate your images.

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Had to reduce steps from 50 to 30 and generate 2 images instead of 4. Otherwise my GPUs can't handle the demand and the queue doesn't stop growing.

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Large update!

- Image to image ("Select init image" btn, "Use as init image" btn)
- Image variations
- Tablet/mobile versions (More than 50% of traffic is mobile!)
- 14000 images generated!

Some of my results below:

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What if there is text to image to #ntf generator? Concept: AI image generator meets NFT minting! Let me know what you think. Two more images in the next tweet #dalle2 #midjourney #stablediffusion #nft #ai #buildinpublic
Running Stable Diffusion for web project is hard and expensive. Going to build SaaS text to image API.

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New update for

- Added "I'm feeling lucky" button
- Added "Generate more" button
- Pressing left/right arrow buttons now switches to the previous/next image

#stablediffusion #buildinpublic
Increased steps from 30 to 50. Generations will take longer, but quality will be better

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Thanks to all the optimizations, average generation (4 images) now takes around 16 seconds (Down from ~30), and images don't take forever to load :)

Will add the img2img next. Maybe even with an in-browser image editor?

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- Switched from png 2 jpg, average image size went from 400 to 60 KB
- Added progress % and elapsed time to the "Dream" button
- Moved from backblaze S3 to wasabi. Way, way faster upload/download speeds
- Added "Copy Prompt" button

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Finished free #stablediffusion txt2img generation for! Planning a lot more stuff: prompt generator, img2img, outpainting, upscaling, mobile, etc.

Check it out and give me some feedback!

Hosting it on my PC with a 3090, so it's kinda slow.

Why don't more websites have a fullscreen image preview with pan and zoom? This is one of the first features I've built for It's straight up a must-have thing for any art-related websites IMO.

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Finished a basic frontend for the "Text to Image" page.
Planning on overhauling it (Prompt constructor, generation settings, ui for variations and etc) after the release.

Next on the list is a simple barebones backend.

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I'm building - an AI-generated art gallery, plus free stable diffusion text to image and image to image generation.

Already done with the the initial design and frontend for the gallery.

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