What I said I was going to do today:
1. Build saved articles ingestion script (done)
2. Wire Main Page for Behavior (done)
3. Workout
4. Start building Saved Articles Page Skeleton

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It has been a rocking October πŸš€πŸš€

The best part was increasing the reach to a larger audience with 630K impressions 😍

How did it go for you?

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Rolling out our payment section was the final step in making a full self-service software. Within a few hours, we saw someone subscribing and it was a user I never spoke to. I’ll take that a win! #smallwins #buildinpublic #NoCode #saas #software
Been a big fan of @fortelabs 's #BASB for organising life, work etc. based on the PARA model. Built out a model on @NotionHQ after lots of hits & misses. Cannot wait to dog-food this in 2022.

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After bouncing across different tools over the week to build a form + appointment booking web app, finally struck luck.

βœ… @Jotform for the form
βœ… Using Built-in block for the appointment inventory
βœ… @trello integration for to-do track

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#Nira crossed 50 votes on Product Hunt! πŸ₯³
Got the first feedback email from a user somewhere from the other side of the globe! πŸŽ‰
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Figured a way to do this for free instead of buying a plugin #smallwins #buildinpublic
Whether to build or buy is always an important question when it comes to building products. I am more convinced to buy but it's 4k EGP so I am not sure yet.
Day 19 of #buildinpublic:

Invitee signup flow is shaping up well πŸ”₯. Will share it once I have the UI tomorrow #smallwins
Day 18 of #buildinpublic:

πŸ”‘ I can now signup for Pople with GitHub
πŸ“‘ Started working on the UI for unauthenticated pages

Not gonna have signup flow (I'm not convinced). Invite-only for MVP πŸ“¬…
Day 34 of #buildinpublic:

β˜€οΈ Prep done for light mode UI, switching themes might still take time (waiting for some issues on dependencies)

Meanwhile, gonna work on squashing some bugs 🐞
Possible just reached over 1,000 site visitors and >100 people on our waitlist for the first cohort.

Being an early stage founder, you gotta celebrate the small wins. I'm excited about where we are headed.

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I've been spending 2+ hours / day on Bordr customer support emails.

It's emails like these that make it worth it.

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