Hi guys! Did you get a chance to read the 'setup' thread? What are your thoughts?

I'll be glad to get your feedback about it.

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Before starting to code, you need to set up your environment.

From @github to Visual Studio @code, here are a few steps to get ready to start coding.

N.B. this setup applies to macOS machines. Comment "Hi!" to this thread and I'll send you details for Windows machines too.
You don't need the most powerful machine or the best setup to start your Web Development journey.

2 years ago I started my product studio with Lenovo i3 from my bed room.

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@harshil1712 @traefik @GCPcloud This is one of those "how long is a piece of string" questions. You need to find your comfort level based on:

- physical infrastructure
- backup configuration
- snapshot setup
- uptime requirements
- cost/budget
- ease of management
- points of failure

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