would be sharing our Results, learning and failures in the process. Currently at 100 beta testers and $0 MRR it should be an interesting journey.

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Hey #SaaSFounders! I'm curious, who's building their product using the dynamic duo of Webflow and Bubble?
And for those not using Bubble, what other tools are you relying on for your product development? 🤔💻 #ProductBuilding #buildinpublic
Here is a table showing the planned monthly MRR and the cumulative yearly growth for the new year, starting with an MRR of $4700 in December of the previous year. What do you think #SaaSFounders?

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And have prospects THANKING you for reaching out

Instead of brushing you away like a pest 😭

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Want to find product/market fit for your SaaS?

Then you're going to want to do some Niche Research!

In this thread, I'm going to break down the 5 areas of niche research and how you can find product/market fit faster 🏃‍♂️

Most SaaS businesses get 2 & 5 wrong!

A thread 🧵
A lot of founders blatantly violate #producthunt rules to get upvotes & be #1 Product of the day. Let us know if you want to see an example and we will be happy to share. It is highly overrated and not fair to those who play by the rule. #saasfounders #indiehackers #buildinpublic
Are you building a Saas and interested in jumping on a Livestream to talk about it in a community of 14k users, mostly #earlyadopters, #saasfounders #indiehackers? We would love to host you. Please DM me!
When I become a full time founder my team and I will leave under these core values:

1) Celebrate failures, keep calm in victories
2) Maintain a side-hustle
3) Always leave at 5

Is this idealistic? Tell me why or why not?
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