Twitter Marketing Tool updates (

I am working hard to finish the project. I am working now.

Today's plans:
- Translating the interface to English
- Making the design work in PHP
- Closing security bugs


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Twitter Marketing Tool updates (

I coded the design. It's 01:37. I'm sleepy like crazy. But most of the project is finished. 👍

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Don't let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slide by!
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Indie hackers, we are currently looking for 2 startups that want to use Lancero as their personal prelaunch campaign manager FOR FREE!

How to get it?
1. Follow us on Twitter
2. Like and RT this tweet
3. Pitch your idea in a comment

Yesterday we launched the waitlist of @joinlancero, where we directly used our own landing page as a test case. More exciting things to come today, stay tuned!🤪
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Just started putting together #marketingTools reviews. We strive to achieve:

I. easy to digest info
2. Add value to readers
3. Discover new MKT tools

We hope you enjoy it. Let us know your feedback and let’s continue to #buildinpublic @serp_guru
Linktree Review - Social Media Tool

The only link you’ll ever need!
Meet Linktree, the free bio link tool used by the world's best brands, creators and influencers.

• What is it used for?
• Pros & Cons
• Who SHOULD use it?

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Coverage Bot just casually doing its thing — it's all looking pretty well! 🤖😀

If you have a game coming out soon, fire me a message!
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