What percentage of your first 100 customers are still with you? And how much did their input help you shape your product?
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It’s hard to predict when you’ll be in the right place at the right time. Simply showing up every day and giving it all you got is the best you can do.
One of the biggest Qs our clients have is finding their first x customers. Here's a repo of how great companies got their first 1K customers - no catch, d/w it's free.

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Being an indie founder, I find that only 10% of the advice I receive turns out to be contextual, relatable & accurate. The other 90% is very misleading, unnecessary and honestly a waste of time.

- Our job is to get you that 10%.

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#buildinpublic #indiefounders

When you're afraid to bother your small audience with feedback requests - don't.

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