Need to make a quick and sarcastic Resignation Letter to your awful boss? Try for FREE 😂 #AI #OpenAI #GPT3 #buildinpublic #flutterdev
I'm so thrilled to announce that my promotional assets for @NexSnap have been approved by the Apple App Store Team! This is such exciting news! ♥️ Now Apple, when to get featured? 😂 #buildinpublic #flutterdev
It feels awesome to help people with my apps, and this customer sent me a photo of my three apps pinned to his Macbook Dock. 😍 #buildinpublic #flutterdev
Anyone else experiencing super long review times in the Google Play Console?

Wanted to quickly release a hotfix for @HabitKit, but it takes forever 😬👎

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
I'm overjoyed to announce that I've acquired my second paying customer for @NexBotAI! It's another $99/Year subscription user, which is a fantastic achievement! Thanks so much, whoever you are! ♥️ #buildinpublic #flutterdev
@father_mihai @HabitKit Thanks, Mihai! I actually just promoted it here on Twitter, leveraging my #buildinpublic, #flutterdev and other friends 🙂
Regularly sharing my work and showing up consistently seemed to pay off a little bit 🙏
I've been already developing new features for @HabitKit while trying to get v1 through App Store and Google Play review.

First time I'm writing tests for critical business logic for one of my indie projects 😅

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
This is my plan to acquire more users for all my apps! If the user cancels the PRO screen, allow them to acquire it 100% FREE by sharing it with the world via Blog, TikTok, YouTube, etc. 😊 Watch the flow below 👇 #buildinpublic #flutterdev
My very first NexBot PRO (monthly) user is in ❤️ $MRR instantly jumped from $100 👉 $114. Wohoo 🚀 #buildinpublic #flutterdev
App review for @HabitKit finally done, so I can finally say it: It will release tomorrow! 💪🎉

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Uploaded new store screenshots for @NexBotAI + new version with updated Upgrade Screen. I'm hoping these will even improve the conversion rate.🤞

#buildinpublic #figma #flutterdev
I have so many plans for @HabitKit but I want to focus on getting out the MVP super fast.

So all this cool features like reminders, timers or home screen widgets have to wait. But I think in the end it's the better solution to move fast 💪

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
I think that was the problem of my rejected @HabitKit build today 😅

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
[🚨Delayed purchase processing] - We’re experiencing database performance issues after scheduled maintenance. Cached entitlements are fine (so subscribers have access to their content), but purchases that go through on Google / Apple currently don’t immediately gain access
Got @HabitKit working on Android. Now I have to wait for Google to review the closed testing build... This will probably take forever 😕

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
The archive plug-in for Flutter is very useful for working with common algorithms such as:

- GZip
- BZip2
- XZ
- Tar
- Zip

I'm using it to extract a zipped sqlite database from my assets folder.

This makes the download size of my app a lot smaller.

#flutterdev #buildinpublic
Setting up everything in the Google Play Console for @HabitKit... I hate this part of releasing an app 😅

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Added a nice little calendar component to @HabitKit to easily remove or add completions in the past 📅

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
The only way for me to try something new is to build something out of it. Trying riverpod 2.0

Develop a simple daily gold price app using this realtime gold metal API

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Signed up for the @NotionHQ AI alpha. Looks very interesting and may come in handy when preparing marketing material for my apps 🙂

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
I'm currently optimizing the Premium Screen of all my apps through my unified framework 🔥 Will be adding Lifetime and more subscription tiers as well so users can choose the best plan for their use case 🚀 #FlutterDev #BuildInPublic
I'm so happy to see @NexSnap is getting a slow but steady growth on Google Play ♥️ #buildinpublic #flutterdev
@NexBotAI now includes 1000 free tokens for each user. This allows a smoother onboarding. Unlike before when the user had to input their own API Key just to hit that Generate button. But not anymore. I've also added Apple + Google Sign in. #BuildInPublic #FlutterDev
Statisfied with the first version after working on the @HabitKit landing page yesterday 💪

Tried out @astrodotbuild for the first time and it's pretty cool IMO 🔥

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
So far. @NexBotAI has 2 trial users from Google Play and 2 from Gumroad. That's about $400 if they pursue🙏 Considering the app is not yet fully launched and available 😁 So, I'm hoping for the best and I'll definitely launch it on ProductHunt ASAP. 🚀 #flutterdev #buildinpublic
I've been working on my first app, Habitat Aware, on and off for about a year. I'm generally not the social media type, but I like the idea of sharing this journey. I especially love the build in public concept. #buildinpublic #flutterdev
I am very happy to announce that @NexBotAI is now officially on Google Play! Ready for public consumption 🚀 Claim your free trial:… 🔥#BuildInPublic #FlutterDev
Recently added picture themes to my pomodoro timer app (Focus Dojo).

I'm really proud of how this turned out!

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Added colors for the light theme of @HabitKit 💪

Super quick and easy thanks to the FlexColorScheme package by @RydMike 🙏

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Writer's block? Not anymore. @NexBotAI can continue writing for you. Just hit that "Continue Writing" button and it will literally continue your writing. Like you had a second brain 😁 See it in action 👇 #AI #GPT #BuildInPublic #FlutterDev
Here is @NexBotAI's document manager 🔥 It feels Notion-y, but snappier! 😁 #BuildInPublic #AI #OpenAI #GPT #FlutterDev
Had a productive day working on HabitKit today, but calling it a day now 💪

Thanks for all the new followers and the interest in the new app. Will definitely try to release the first version this month!

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
I made a thread about why @NexBotAI is better than Jasper AI and CopyAI in a lot of ways. #GPT3 #AI #OpenAI #FlutterDev #BuildInPublic
What makes us so different than the competition: Jasper AI and CopyAI? Affordability, Flexibility, Portability, and most importantly Privacy. A thread 👇
Built a small welcome screen for HabitKit highlighting the most important features ✅

Can't wait to fill this screen with more features after version 1.0 😅

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Did I mention that @lens_app_ is built with #flutterdev? 🤔
The entire login flow is almost finished 💪

@FlutterDev #buildinpublic
Trying to revive a fully-working #flutter project (iOS/Android) that hasn't been worked on for almost 2yrs is... a challenge!

Hang in there, @scrizzr!

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Just reading through the examples on the bloc documentation page feels like getting a huge clean-architecture-knowledge boost 😍…

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
I've finally finished the Custom Templates feature of @NexBotAI 🔥 Duplicate, Update, and Delete operations. And a Custom templates filter. 👍 #BuildInPublic #FlutterDev
Found an awesome open-source SVG icon set:

Probably gonna use it for my new app 🤔

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Decided to go with Isar (by the awesome @simonleier) as local database for my next app.

It even comes with a cool "Inspector", which allows you to view and edit your data in the browser while debugging 🤩

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Working on the "Edit habit" UI and connecting it with the underlying bloc state 🚧🔨

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Another awesome package I always wanted to try out and finally do it in my new app: FlexColorScheme by @RydMike

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Adding the obligatory debug menu into my settings screen (ofc invisible in production).

Always good to test some subscription edge cases, new controls or notifications 👌

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Setting up subscriptions and in-app purchases with @RevenueCat for my new app, because I had only good experiences with it for @liftbearapp 👌

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
The project is growing quickly! Hope to get the first version out this month 💪

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Covid and vacations made a big dent in my GitHub contribution graph for October. Let's try to fill up all remaining squares for November 💪

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Love it to reuse code from my older projects and see quick results. Took the settings code from @liftbearapp and had this screen in under 5 minutes 🙂

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Making progress with bloc and freezed. Feels super clean so far!

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Another @FlutterDev package I wanted to use for a long time: Using freezed to get rid of writing all this nasty boilerplate code 🙌

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Evaluating the @realm Flutter SDK as data layer for my new app. Let's see if it fits my needs 👀

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Evaluating the @realm Flutter SDK as data layer for my new app. Let's see if it fits my needs 👀

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
With every project I want to learn something new, so instead with Provider I'll go with Bloc (by @felangelov) for my next app.

Heard so many good things about it and finally want to try it out 🙂

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Just fixed the worst bug ever in @liftbearapp. Random rebuilds of certain widgets only on certain screen sizes... Still don't know what the problem was, but now it works 😅🤷🏻‍♂️

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Today is @liftbearapp bugfixing day. Received some reports in connection to the latest update, so now is the time to squash them! 🐞

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Finally reached 600 registered users with @liftbearapp 🎊🎉
Not a lot for some people but for me it's huge!

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
I still have a lot of unfinished To-Do's in the roadmap of my 2 current products @Liso_Vault and @NexSnap but I've decided to start the work of my next product @NexBotAI and launch an MVP, landing page with pre-registration as soon as possible 🔥 #buildinpublic #flutterdev
I am looking to help my fellow mobile devs! Drop your mobile app URL here 👇🏼and I will leave a review 🌟

#indiedev #saas #buildinpublic #iosdev #androiddev #flutter #flutterdev #mobiledev
Adding my default localization library for @flutterdev to the new project. Makes it super easy to translate your app 💪

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Refreshed the App Store screenshots for @liftbearapp for the next version. Much cleaner and better readability compared to the last iteration 🙂

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Totally missed this one while being on vacation and sick: New pro user for @liftbearapp 🙌🎊

Thank you, stranger!
#buildinpublic #flutterdev
This time I'm ticking this nasty checkbox off, so I'm not forced to support bigger screens on my new app 😅🤷🏻‍♂️

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
I love when I receive reviews like this! It fills me with motivation to continue building positive apps.

#buildinpublic #iosdev #flutterdev #saas #affirmations
Great feeling to start a new fresh project and run this command 💪

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Finished cleaning up the latest @liftbearapp update. Now I test it over the next couple of days and hopefully release it sunday 🙌

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Back at development again: Starting easy with some small bugfixes for the next @liftbearapp version.

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Localizing your app is actually worth it! Thanks to @localazy & @JakeDubec for their awesome localization tool for developers! #buildinpublic #flutterdev #saas
Are you a #Flutter developer ready for your next gig? lets new assignments come to you! Available soon, sign up now to keep up to date! #iosdev #flutterdev #flutterjobs #iosdevjobs #buildinpublic
With Believe, you can build a positive mindset with the power of positive affirmations. Enjoy multiple categories, daily reminders, notifications and much more! Let me know if you get it:

#buildinpublic #indiedev #iosdev #androiddev #flutterdev #appstore
@believeapps reached 2k in revenue last month! This is a major milestone that I never thought would happen. This is more than the amount I received monthly on my first software engineering job 4 years ago 🎉

#buildinpublic #indiedev #applestore #flutterdev @AppStore #iosdev
Received my first one-star rating for @liftbearapp 😢

Sadly, no text so I don't know what went wrong for this user.

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Being in between two vacations makes my productivity go 📉, but I really need to focus to get the latest @liftbearapp update out of the door.

After the next vacation I will focus on a completely new product for at least 2 weeks 🙂

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
After 12 busy months, time for me to hop back on building my own projects and giving #buildinpublic a go:
🔹@scrizzr will be back soon! ✏️
🔹and a mysterious new project I’ve recently started to work on!

I’ll share more here over the coming weeks!

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Viewing your weightlifting progress on larger screens is pretty cool! Strongly considering publishing the desktop version to the Mac App Store 🙂

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Just released a new category for premium+ users in @believeapps! Affirmations for traveling and adventures ✈️

You can try the app here:

#buildinpublic #affirmations #indiedev #iosdev #flutterdev
Ugh, reviewing this PR will take a while 😕
But somebody has to do it in my one-man team 😅

#flutterdev #buildinpublic
This is, by far, the fastest that my app got reviewed and approved on the Apple App Store (less than an hour). Has anyone else experienced this? 😂 #buildinpublic #iosdev #flutterdev
Today's one of those happy days with lots of trials! (Even if they fail later with billing errors 😅), So thankful! 🙏🏼

#buildinpublic #indiedev #iosdev #flutter #flutterdev #appstore
I'm making a list of companies who use #flutter:
- Nationwide, an insurance company
- Ginger, a mental health company
- Dutchie, a software company

If you like to view the full list check out the link below

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Published v0.3.0+6 for Windows! New settings: minimize to tray, launch at startup, and keyboard shortcuts! #buildinpublic #saas #flutterdev
Just got the new iPhone 14 Pro Max! Let me know if you need to test something in your iOS mobile app, I can check it out and send you screenshots 🙏🏼

#buildinpublic #flutter #flutterdev #iOS16 #iosdev #indiedev
Why do I use #flutter?

I can build MVPs in days instead of months
I can write once deploy everywhere

What are your favorite tools #buildinpublic?

Spending some time to make @liftbearapp more responsive.

First task: Try to build it for MacOS for easy resizing while debugging 😅

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Got @liftbearapp working on MacOS, looks ugly though! 😕

Lots of room for improvements 💪👷
#buildinpublic #flutterdev
@believeapps featured in @IndieAppCatalog as iOS 16 ready! Thanks for the mention! Believe includes lock screen widgets that shows affirmations to be positive 🦋

#buildinpublic #iosdev #flutterdev #indiedev #androiddev #iOS16 #iPhone14ProMax
Replaced the bottom navigation with a sidebar and converted the lists to grids for larger screen. Next step: Convert the modal bottom sheets to custom dialogs 🛠

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Does anybody else had this issue? Did I do something wrong or is this normal and can occasionally happen?

I wonder how that looked for the customer 🤔

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Morning! We were heads down building yesterday, that project will be coming soon but we have another dashboard approved on @flutterflow! More details to follow =)…

#ui #uikit #nocode #lowcode #designsystem #flutterflow #flutterdev #buildinpublic
I just reached 1k MRR with my app @believeapps! This is such a big milestone for me! 🎉

Next stop? 3k! 🤔

#buildinpublic #indiedev #flutter #flutterdev #iosdev #androiddev
Added the ability to switch between some common aspect ratios when sharing your completed sessions in @liftbearapp!

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
I’ve made this widget that can automatically find URLs 🔗 inside a text and made it tappable.
Since you can also tap the text to edit it, it will show a popup if the only present text is a link.

#Flutter #FlutterDev #buildinpublic