Always the same annoying problems when updating iOS dependencies in a Flutter project!

Spoiler: Simply running 'pod repo update' doesn't fix it. It has to be a weird combination of every pod command ever and randomly deleting the .lock file...

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Spent some time to refresh the onboarding modal with some new screenshots and a little bit of color.

Also fixed the spacing between texts and the font sizes. Pretty happy with the result! Please ignore the laggieness in the GIF 😅

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I am doing a #BuildInPublic Challenge
I am building a Chat App in the Public

- Where I will walk you through daily progress on the app
- How am I choosing the tech stack for the app
- you will decide what feature to have
& Morw👇🏻

See me build in Public🥳

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Happy monday! My plans for this week:

⭐️ Start the @liftbearapp quality initiative by making lots of bugfixes and UX- and UI-improvements
🔑 Test out @appfigures as my new ASO tool

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🎁 Giving away BigKit - 27 flutter app templates 🎁
Here's how to claim it for FREE:
1. Follow me on Twitter.
2. Retweet this tweet.
3. Shoot me a dm.
4. I'll send it to your inbox.

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Yay, @RevenueCat updated their SDK to version 4, including an updated reference to freezed 🎉

No more dependency mismatch when trying to add new packages to my project 💪

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Grateful for everyone that supports me and my apps to keep growing!
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I am so grateful for our lovely users that fills me with motivation to keep going! I love to know that Believe is helping people on a daily basis. So grateful 🙏🏼
It's one of these commits where you actually don't know whether you made it better or worse 😅

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Received great user feedback again and finally implemented it:

After completing your session you can instantly compare your results with the last session of the same workout.

I love to implement features real users wished for 🙌

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I actually wanted to launch a big new update for @liftbearapp today. But I underestimated the (super random) long review times for the Play Store...

I guess I'll launch tomorrow then 😒

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What features in a CHAT APP you would like to see?

Apart from:
- Encryption
- Simple User Login
- Cloud Synchronization
- Chat Bot
- Mentions
- Optional Push Notifications

See me build in Public🥳

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Finally implemented notes for workouts and session in @liftbearapp. Will be available in the next update!

This one was a tough one to crack UX-wise...

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Happy monday! My plans for this week:

📱 Push version 1.6 of @liftbearapp to the App Store and Google Play
📆 Plan future versions and milestones
🧾 Some accounting work for my app business

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Pretty great week for me and @liftbearapp. Feels good when people choose to check out the pro version! 🎉

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The hardest part when building new features for my app: Deciding where to place new UI elements. Sometimes it's super hard to find the right place for them and keeping the balance between UX and UI design.

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Extended the exercise filter, so that users can filter by exercise type (weighted, bodyweight, ...)!

Coming soon to @liftbearapp 💪

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Finalized the new build for @liftbearapp 1.6.0, so everything should be prepared for an extended test session over the next couple of days 💪

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Check out my app Believe - Daily affirmations! Created with #flutter ❤️ Let me know if you guys tried or if you have any feedback. You can find it here:

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Added new symbols for workouts in @liftbearapp, shipping with the next update.

I think it does give the app a more professional look compared to the emojis.

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Finally, after a long time without anything happening, I got a new user on trial 💪

Let's hope he/she converts!

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Got awesome feedback from a customer of @liftbearapp:

Totally neglected exercises with "negative" weight (e.g. assisted pullups). With the next update users will be able to track their progress of this exercises!

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It's monday again! Here is my plan for this week:

📝 Add the last remaining feature for version 1.6 of @liftbearapp: Notes for Workouts/Sessions
🔎 Lots of bug searching and testing
❓ Writing some kind of FAQ for most common support issues

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Just noticed: @liftbearapp crossed 250 registered users! If you're one of them: Thank you for trying it out, that means a lot to me 💪

And if you enjoy the app: Consider leaving a review on the App Store. That helps me a lot 🙏

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Is your next exercise already occupied in the gym? Fast-switch between alternative exercises!

Now available in @liftbearapp 💪

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Just published a new version 0.5.3+33 for Windows users 🚀 - added partial support for firebase features #buildinpublic #flutterdev #indiedev #indiehacker #saas
So App Store Connect decided to look like this for me today... Very good, when you want to publish a hotfix for your app 😕

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One-Rep-Max calculation done 🏋️‍♀️💪
Now available in @liftbearapp!

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@believeapps just reached $800 MRR! 🥳

I am so grateful for all the users that decided to start the trial and give Believe a try! 🦋 On my way to 1k MRR!

Checkout the app here:
#buildinpublic #flutterdev #believeinyourself
I'm excited to announce that Liftbear 1.5.0 is live on the App Store and Google Play:

1️⃣ One-Rep-Max Calculation
🔁 Alternative Exercises
🎨 New Context Menu Design
⭐️ Session Ratings
⏰ Exercise Timer Countdown

Get it on 🎉💪

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Let's go! Lots of cool stuff in this update! 💪

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Got annoyed that @flutterdev doesn't provide this iOS-14-style context menus (…) so I decided to recreate them myself... Not perfect, but good enough for now 🙂

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My plans for this week:

🧪 Already coded everything for version 1.5.0 of @liftbearapp, so a lot of testing
💪 Start work on 1.6.0 which will make exercises handling much easier and better

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Ok, the publishing experience in the @GooglePlay console is ridiculous: I'm unable to find a button to ONLY publish the "Closed Testing" track. I can only release every change including a stale production release (which I created accidentally...) 😖

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Android version already approved, let's hope Apple has nothing to complain!
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Google seems to like my paywall texts now... Off we go for a final testing round 💪

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Trying to please the Google App Review gods by adjusting texts in my paywall of @liftbearapp ... 🏗️

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Need super-valueable feedback to your app? Consider dropping a link here! @matteo_spada has great ideas for improvement 🙌

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I'm trying a lot of apps from different developers here on twitter, if you are looking for a constructive feedback about your new idea post your test flight link below, I will write you a DM with my thoughts 😊

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I'm building a "regression testing"-list which I can go through before major releases and make sure I don't forget to test a critical feature.

This is also a great way to identify test cases suitable for integration testing 👍

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Was pretty knocked out the last couple of days (stomach problems 🤢), but today I managed to work again and fixed a huge load of small/medium issues for @liftbearapp. Feels good to be productive again 💪

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When I started out with @liftbearapp I was afraid of too many requests to my Firestore instance (read too many firebase horror stories) 😅🙈

Now I'm grateful for every single read and write requests because that means people are actively using my app!

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Crossed 300 Firestore writes in one day. Pretty cool, because that means that the amount of people using my app and tracking their workouts is rising 🙌

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I managed to setup everything regarding my Android subscription handling except the most basic step: Adding the platform check and providing the public @RevenueCat API key for Android...

At least now it works 💪😅

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My plans for this week with @liftbearapp:

🤖 Fix annoying payment issues on Android
🔎 Hand in version 1.4.2 for review at Apple and Google
💪 Continue working on some features requested by users

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When creating a project in the @GooglePlay console a new SHA-1 key is generated. You'll have to add this new key to your Firebase project if you're using "Sign In with Google".

That took a while to figure out 😅

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Finally 🙌 That alpha build review took so long. Now I can finally start sandbox testing my subscriptions on Android for @liftbearapp!

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What a cool onboarding experience in the @GooglePlay console.

Apple should really be jealous about that, because the App Store Connect experience is awful in comparison to this 😅

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So much waiting times for mobile app devs:
- App Store Review
- Testflight Build Review
- PlayStore Closed Testing Review
- ...

Sometimes I miss web development 😅

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Tasks for today:

💰 Setting up subscriptions for Android with @RevenueCat
📄 Finish setting up the project in the @GooglePlay developer console

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A couple of days ago I received the very first money I made with my own app in my banking account 🤯

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Super slow monday fighting with android notification icons and playing sounds for the exercise timer of @liftbearapp...
Sometimes you'll just have to grind through the tedious, boring tasks 😕

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My plans for this week with @liftbearapp:

🔓 Get "Sign In with Google"
into the App Store
🐻 Add the new and awesome app icon created by @alex_oleynyk
🤖 Finalize the Android version

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Today I finally released version 1.4 of @liftbearapp:

🔥 Warmup Sets
🏋️‍♀️ Supersets
✅ Insights Redesign
🏁 Weekly Session Goals
💅 Lots of UI and UX improvements

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Not satisfied with the @liftbearapp icon anymore. The idea was great, but the execution was mediocre... Does anybody know a great app icon designer? 👋

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Trying to make the list views for @liftbearapp more compact and prettier 👷‍♂️

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WIP 🛠: Working on a "What's New" modal for @liftbearapp to notify existing users about new features when they update the app.

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Looking for a mid-range android device to test my apps on. Does anybody has good recommendations?

I am thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy A52, which seems to be pretty popular... 🤔

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Playing around with some images to highlight certain features on my paywall for @liftbearapp. Started with the consistency screen. I'm still unsure whether I like the little doodles or not... 🤔

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Released the third update for @liftbearapp:

⏱ Time-based exercises
🏋️‍♀️ Added over 50 predefined exercises to the library
🗂 Filter exercises by muscle group

Next up: Warmup- and Supersets

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Released the second update for @liftbearapp:

7️⃣ Day trial for Liftbear Pro
☯️ Theme picker
🟩 GitHub-style consistency graph
📈 Progress charts overhaul
📌 Pin workouts and exercises

Get it on the App Store 👉

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Published the first update of my app! 🚀

The app has a german translation now and my experience with… was really good.

I also got rid of a lot of borders in the UI, which makes it much cleaner in my opinion 🙂

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🎉 Liftbear 1.1.0 is live on the App Store:

🇩🇪 German translations
💅 Lots of UI improvements (buttons, lists, cards)

Landing Page:
App Store:

#weightlifting #fitness #workout
Update: I can recommend this package and I am making good progress on translating my app to german! 💪

Note to my future self: Include i18n from the beginning in new apps, because it´s super tedious to change every text... 😅

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Anyone here who has experience with internationalization in a @FlutterDev app?

I am thinking about using easy_localization (…) for translating my workout app into more languages.

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Highly requested feature from my beta testers: Added displaying of personal bests when finishing a workout so you instantly know when you made progress 💪

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Anyone here who has experience with internationalization in a @FlutterDev app?

I am thinking about using easy_localization (…) for translating my workout app into more languages.

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Creating App Store screenshots with @appmockup. Awesome tool for people like me, which are clueless in terms of design and image editing 🙌

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The first sandbox payments are coming through! Testing payments on the iOS simulator feels super weird, but it works like a charm on a real device!

Now I need to make sure that restoring purchases and switching between subscriptions also works 🚀

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Added a "SubscriptionGate" widget to my app today. It automatically checks if the user is subscribed and blurs the actual content if not. I will use it to gate my pro-only features 🙂

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What I wanted to tweet: The worst bugs are the ones which only affect real devices and don´t show up in the iOS simulator. Spent the afternoon trying to figure out what the problem was.

... Turns out I didn´t deploy the latest commit to Testflight 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Shoutout to @FlutterFireDev again for making it super easy to integrate Firebase Crashlytics into my flutter app! 🙌

Now I hopefully get more information when it crashes while testing on a real device.

#flutterdev #buildinpublic…
My todo list for v1 of my workout tracking app gets shorter and shorter. Only two big tasks left:

💳 Implementing payments. I will be using @RevenueCat to make this easier.
🛳.Create an onboarding modal users will see on the first run of the app.

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Built the settings screen of my upcoming app today. Couldn´t find any existing widgets on for building this kind of iOS-style settings view, so I had to make it myself. But I´m pretty happy with the result for now 🙂

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It´s super hard to create good looking and user-friendly time series charts. Luckily, Flutter has some really good packages to deal with this. I used the "charts_flutter" package to create this visualization.

#buildinpublic #flutterdev…
Downloaded @firefooapp today because I needed a simple solution to clone production data from Firestore to my local emulator. Worked out of the box with minimal effort. Love it! 🙂

#buildinpublic #flutterdev #firebase
TODO after I released the first version of my workout app: Tidy up the messy code and DRY it up 😅

It´s not that bad, but some things trigger my (normally) high code quality standards.

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Updating flutter packages with native iOS dependencies is really annoying.

I always have to run some weird combination of deleting my pod files, running flutter clean and pod repo install... 😒

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Applied the color changes to the app today. The consensus seems to be that B is the better option.

It was a bit tricky to overwrite the CupertinoColor defaults, but I got it now and really like the result.

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Can´t decide about the light mode background color for my workout app:

A: White background, gray as secondary color
B: Gray background, white as secondary color

First intuition when seeing them side by side: B

The things I have in mind for this tho

I feel like welcoming other flutter Devs

@SuperPicks app incoming eh?

Made with #flutter by #flutterdev
#100Devs #dev #Android #BlackTechTwitter #100DaysOfCode #buildinpublic #CodeNewbie
I made a few changes to the app, I added a drawer with a header and items, updated the button navigation bar, and I added notifications page
I'm open for suggestions or any ideas about the design 🙌✨
#Flutter #flutterdev #buildinpublic…
I built a simple login UI with Flutter ✨
Feel free to check out the repo on Github 😁 👇
#Flutter #programming #100DaysOfCode #flutterdev #buildinpublic #100daysofcodechallenge
Learning path for the year.
1. Flutter
2. Django
3. 3D modeling and sculpting with blender.
4. Finally gonna learn js
5. Revisit the web ( React or Vue)
6. Three.js
7. Integrating web3 into games I make.

What’s yours?
I built a simple login UI with Flutter ✨
Feel free to check out the repo on Github 😁 👇
#Flutter #programming #100DaysOfCode #flutterdev #buildinpublic #100daysofcodechallenge
I built a simple login UI with Flutter✨
Feel free to check out the repo on github 😁 👇
#Flutter #programming #100DaysOfCode #flutterdev #buildinpublic #100daysofcodechallenge
I'm planning to write a blog sharing my experience using flutter web for building, any suggestions

#tweet100 #buildinpublic #flutter #flutterdev #SaaS
#buildsell30 Day 29:

✅uploaded the @SmallWinsApp app to Google Play and Apple App Store 🚀🚀🚀

"Waiting for Review"... hope there won't be any issues🤞

👉 so that makes 1/2 of the #buildsell30 challenge completed 😅😅

#buildinpublic #uidesign #flutterdev #indiehackers
#buildsell30 Day 25:

✅[#dev] Image backgrounds
✅[#dev] UI improvements
✅ QA

Close to the finish line 💪

It's day 25 so prioritising features now is like "Can I launch without it?" 😅 may need to do IAP after the launch...
#buildinpublic #uidesign #flutterdev #indiehackers
#buildsell30 Day 24:

✅[#dev] Onboarding Screens 👋
✅[#dev] Firebase Analytics & Crashlytics ⛑️

#buildinpublic #flutterdev #indiehackers
#buildsell30 Day 23:

✅[#dev] Emoji picker for your Spirit Animal 🐶🐱🐭🐹
🚧 WIP: onboarding screens

#buildinpublic #flutterdev #indiehackers
Magic happening and it's powered by @harperdbio can you spot the difference between this and your regular @SuperPicks website, by the way everything here is on the @harperdbio database...

Coming soon
#buildinpublic #100DaysOfCode #100daysofcodechallenge #flutterdev #flutter
#buildsell30 Day 21:

✅ [#dev] UI/ Celebrating Small Wins 🎉🎉🎉

Yeah, this little thing was clearly missing... 😊

#buildinpublic #flutterdev #indiehackers
Why do you code?


1. To have a better life, make money
2. Because I love building things, solving problems

So yes, even if I have all the money in the world, I'll still code

#100DaysOfCode #buildinpublic #flutterdev
A full month of my #100DaysOfTwitter challenge went by!

Learned a lot about other Indie Hackers and their projects which is very inspriring!

Hope I managed to drop some knowledge regarding #flutterdev and #firebase for some other folks too!

Working on reordering exercises in the workout builder of my app: The ReorderableListView class in Flutter is super handy for this use-case 🔥…

#flutterdev #buildinpublic
Found a cool little Flutter package:…

It gives you a widget for rendering "Apple Watch"-style rings. Gonna use it in my session view to check the status of a set 👌

#flutterdev #buildinpublic
Built a lot of caching into my app today so that the code doesn’t make unnecessary backend calls.

Felt a little bit like premature optimization, but I don’t want to be overwhelmed with Firestore costs when it launches.

#buildinpublic #firebase #flutterdev
Thinking about hiring a logo designer on for my upcoming app.

Anybody here with experience on that platform?

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
Important aspect for me when trying to find motivation after work:

Use a technology that has an awesome developer experience. It also helps to use something different than I´m using at my day job.

Side Project: Flutter 💙
Day job: Angular and .NET 😴

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