#BuildInPublic means #FailInPublic too

*not me getting got by a .sheet on .sheet error in #swiftUI for a cool 2 hours
There is nothing better than receiving an email from one of your users... Except when you find the email 5 days too late and have to write an apology to them.

Well, time to clean my inbox so that it doesn't happen again.

#buildinpublic and #failinpublic
The problem with #buildinpublic

People get wedded publicly to their project.

Then when it doesn’t work out, they just walk out on the wife and kids (the PiB community!)

Maybe time for a new Indie maker hashtag 🧐?

#iterateinpublic or #failinpublic
Mixed up AM and PM in my newsletter scheduling, yesterday. In case you missed yesterdays issue, here you go:

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
Demo fail! Internet died (it's been fine all day), rebooted everything Zoom decides to install an update. 😵

Luckily they stayed on and we had a good chat. They seemed to like the service, but we'll have to see if they sign up.

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
My first cold outreach to someone on LinkedIn has kinda worked - got a demo booked in! 😃

Any tips for running a good demo?

When you follow someone and they seem successful, just remember there's probably a whole lot of unsuccessful startups they worked on in-between.

I like to keep a public record of all my startups, failed or otherwise.

If you #buildinpublic, you should #failinpublic
So many people sharing their impressive achievements on #BuildinPublic!!

But people also want to know where you slipped up.

Which led me to discover #FailinPublic - what a gem!!
That feeling when you proudly present your work and then things go south.


But honestly: great that this issue was noticed. And I was helped immediately. Maker Twitter is awesome.…
Wondering about gradle build errors and realizing an hour later that the last time I updated Android Studio was two years ago... 🤦🏻‍♂️

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
I have spent the last hour trying to make that link menu on the top.

Only to realize that I could also just make the link within the text itself 🤯

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
admitting failed experiments is something we don't do here enough failed: only ~300 people installed the web3 app so far

but that doesn't matter, because it's important we keep experimenting

#buildinpublic #operateinpublic #failinpublic
I wish they would have told me that for version 1.0.0 🤦🏻‍♂️😅

So I'm spending the sunday fixing responsiveness issues for this huge screens...


#buildinpublic #failinpublic
@AmazonKDP ¿Conclusiones?
1) 💰 no conviene publicar en color
2) 🌻 tienes que vender mucho para que te dé para algo más que pipas
3) 🙃 es gratis y es divertido

En otro 🧵 te contaré por qué elegí otra opción para la versión definitiva de mi planificador

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
So many super insightful successes in #buildinpublic, but I'm also interested in transparency around failures and their reasons. Why isn't there #failinpublic?
😑 well, shit. just broke my dashboard trying to limit data by user. definitely need to work on my understanding of this aspect. 🤦‍♂️ #nocode #buildinpublic #failinpublic
The necessity to get it right the very first iteration gets the best of us. "Failing in public" is probably a more effective framework than "building in public"

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
Many #buildinpublic.

It's authentic, useful to others and also marketing/personal branding.

But who have you seen #failinpublic ?
Gonna kick off a 30 days series "In the life of a CEO doing his PhD". It's gonna be a big bowl of random thoughts, hustles, and experiences on entrepreneurs, people, coding, tech, research, and AI!
#buildinpublic #researchinpublic #failinpublic #ipoinpublic #jailinpublic
Oh how building a #nextjs stack is a love & hate relationship. I really need to figure out the proper folder structure, and what additional packages i truly need. Help?! #buildinpublic #failinpublic #builditagainbetter
This is where founders, NO CODE (and all other) makers and @edsheeran meet: building in public, failing in public, learning in (with the) public. What other professions should take up this best practice? #FutureOfWork #buildinpublic #failinpublic #learnwithpublic #growthmindset
I encourage my language learners to make 100 mistakes a day.

Go make a mistake and see what you can learn from it. Make 100 of them.

#FailInPublic --> #BuildInPublic

What's something you learned from messing it up?

Just realized one of the Integromat automations used for my @AwesomeInfoProd publishing has not been working since Monday (I hit my monthly cap)

🤦🏻‍♂️ #buildinpublic #failinpublic
Lol its Day 14, last 7 days to go and I've not even made any progress. All I have is a way to convert notion blocks into html and show it as a page.

Time to focus on installable features a bit more and push until last day

#buildinpublic leaning towards #failinpublic😓🥵
I'm starting to work on a new SaaS that will allow creating a newsletter from Notion pages. I'll be documenting the entire journey here.

Time will tell if I'll #succeedinpublic or #failinpublic 😆
worst indie hacker's nightmare was about to happen 😨

#buildinpublic then #failinpublic?
Twitter is hard. I could probably rewrite Twitter faster than learning to use this one. #BuildInPublic #FailInPublic
#100DaysOfCode Day 6/100, but I'm a Sr Dev, so I'll mentor Jr's instead of coding.

I found 2 AMAZING Jr Devs who I want to hire! 🥳

My 1st EVER Twitter Space was AMAZING despite technical issues! #BuildInPublic means you have to #FailInPublic. I could use some love.

Gn! 💤
"Failure is what we're all running from, we're always running toward success with failure at our back." —Natalie Goldberg

#FailInPublic #BuildInPublic #StartWrting #KeepWriting #WritersCommunity

I encourage my language learners to make 100 mistakes a day.

Go make a mistake and see what you can learn from it. Make 100 of them.

#FailInPublic --> #BuildInPublic

A lot of bots are spamming 404 routes on my product... /wp-login.php and all 🙄

Luckily the project is too minimal to have security breaches 😅
I hope 😳

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
Hey SaaS owners,
today I learned that…

- preparing a demo example in order to show it to other people
- is the easiest way to find remaining bugs in your software!

Preparing my webinar for Tuesday shows me what's not working.

Cool, huh? 🙄
#buildinpublic #failinpublic
just had a company cancel an order that was processed, so that's almost 700$ out the door.

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
More people should start 'Building in Public'.

Even more people should start 'Building and Failing in Public'.

Time to normalize this!

#BuildinPublic #FailinPublic
No, YOU'RE the one who got mails from AWS and Gitlab last night because you committed your AWS access keys to a public git.

Have I got this #buildinpublic thing right?

@MrConerMurphy Instead of #buildinpublic you're going to #failinpublic?

Just do it, who knows what comes from it.
Can you believe it, it's a Sunday and we we aren't selling LiveFish today.
At times thing's are not in our control.

#buildinpublic #failinpublic #startup
35 user interviews later: I stop building Noble Answers, the Stack Overflow for No-Code will not work. Here are my learnings. Thread 🧵 👇👇👇
#buildinpublic #failinpublic
27/#100DaysOfCode : Tried adding sound to K.K. Radio, but no luck so far. Might have to reference that piano I made a couple days back 😤 #programming #buildinpublic #failinpublic #growinpublic
I was starting @odiolab as #buildinpublic, now I'm closing the service as #failinpublic wqwqwq It was generated only 20 € in a year 😂😂

Let's move on to another weekend project.
Finally decided to convert one of my ideas to app.

Let's see whether I #buildinpublic or #failinpublic 😂

Wish me luck ! 😎
Ended the night with just that one payment.

8 other people had started the sign-up.

2 managed to get into the community without paying 🤦🏻‍♂️

1 said the site crashed.

The rest we're in the process of contacting.


#buildinpublic #failinpublic
What to do when your parents started saying "you need to take care of yourself and be responsible".

How do you get over the fear of job hunting and wasting time applying for jobs that never hire?

Lost as I have always been.
#buildinpublic #failinpublic
It is not my first ride in the SaaS world.

I am giving another shot after a long break. This time - the plan is to do things differently.

Some notes to self (and for who ever needs to read this):

#buildinpublic & #failinpublic
#buildinpublic or #failinpublic

Reading a lot of @jackbutcher's tweets has got me thinking about what I can do to create some more accountability for my side-project/s.

I don't want them to always be side-projects. test out this theory👇…
Accountability makes you better at everything.
Been working on the landing/sign up page for @bettermeeetings and failed to set up a Mailchimp automation to email waitlist subscribers and missed the first 3 people who signed up. This is the stuff I am so blind to! Now to research welcome emails. #buildinpublic #failinpublic
What’s been your most humbling Bubble experience to date? I’ll go first... #nocode #buildinpublic #failinpublic
I want to show really what it is to #BuildInPublic

Because yeah I am really proud to have published my landing page to but with a lot of errors on my side!

Maybe I can create #FailInPublic 😆
That feeling when the product you’ve built makes it’s largest sale yet...

Launched new version Tuesday, got this Friday. Lifetime revenue now above $3k.

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
tech twitter be like “#BuildInPublic” but check out this #FailInPublic:

today i updated our beta audience to a dev build we weren’t ready to publish yet

so our users all got signed out and couldn’t sign back in for a solid half hour (until we sent new prod build)

When you bomb it, keep moving forward.

I botched my product hunt launch today and was super down on myself for most of the day. No more.

Moving on like the slow mo hero who just set off a car bomb in the background.

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
As I find myself in a generally stable place, working with people I truly like, and with the ability to return to my original vision for PluFin, I've chosen to lean into a new path.

Exciting things on the horizon for PluFin.

#buildinpublic #failinpublic…
When people uninstall @get_cord, we ask them why. We're sharing these reasons verbatim, publicly.

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
When people uninstall @get_cord, we ask them why. We're sharing these reasons verbatim, publicly.

#buildinpublic #failinpublic

Part 2 💔
When you push all the latest changes to production and everything works perfectly...until you realize you forgot to migrate the db. #buildinpublic #failinpublic