#buildinpublic #Day3
My schedule on Day 3
- Take a look at macOS app example
- Path, shape and animation
So far there has been more than 300 spaces featured on Web3 Twitter Space! And today I have implemented infinity scrolling to improve the performance on mobile!

#Day3 #buildinpublic #indiehackers #Web3 #BTC #ETH #Crypto #NFT
#Day3 of nocode #buildinpublic. Setup user account, color scheme and started the landing page. Totally blank on logo design for now but I'll whip something with @canva 😂. We keep building
#Day3 of 15 #buildinpublic
1. Complete development of admin applicant page.
2. Responsiveness of the applicant page
3. Development of admin application page
#Day3 of #100DaysOfNoCode - I have set an automation using Zapier.

Now I will receive a Calendar Invite as soon as a mail is sent by @100DaysOfNoCode team so that I don't miss anything no matter what.💫 This is fun. #NoCode #BuildInPublic
improving yesterday's demo, I evolved the Rock, Paper, Scissors game on Whatsapp to support multiplayers! check out demo of 2 cellphones playing with each other 🤯

all of this built using low-code tool, Yalo Studio.

#day3 #buildinpublic #ODNC3
#buildinpublic #Day3
- Create an item list on the home page
- Have a new idea, think about it so much
- Decision is always difficult
Just finished #day3 of #100DaysOfCode with #python, made a love calculator, pizza order system and a choose your own adventure game. A lot of if and elif statements, still getting the hang of them. Hard to wrap my head around.
#Day3 1st ch. Vidalia Man.

Questions to ask:
- Is this how I want to live?
- Is this how I can be of service to the world?
- Do I feel inspired?
- Is there a real business here?
- Can I be helpful?
- Do I immensely enjoy it?

Wrapped up collecting emails through sendgrid to build email list. #30daysofcode #buildinpublic #day3
#day3 of React

✅studied more about props and components in React.

✅Got an introduction to state in React. It is confusing but I think one/two articles more and it will start making sense

#buildinpublic #webdev
#day3 of #buildinpublic. And "Pandro" was born. Sounds a bit more catchy compared to "clipboard automation tool".
☑️ Implemented a tile, requested by @RemcoMagielse ☑️ Local database for actions
☑️ Taskbar Icon 🐼
☑️ Basic styling
#day3 of #buildinpublic. This sounds silly but we can't find the right name for our product. To us it means a lot, to customers maybe less.

We would like the name to have a meaning. A name which would describe itself after reading.


#day3 after a bit of a break (family+work priority!). The first version of the website is mostly done. I changed the name to which just sounds cooler imo. #BuildInPublic