Do not skip the process if you want to be great. The process of preparation, learning, and refinement for eventual greatness

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Insted of stalking people on Instagram see there linkden as well !! U will see the difference .
This is true in so many appreciate if your life; work, relationships, self-confidence.

You can't compare everything about your present situation against the "best foot forward" facade everyone puts out & come to an accurate conclusion.

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Picard career tip: The grass may seem greener on the other side, but sometimes it's because of all the fertilizer.
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I’m completely against the “fire fast” recommendation that so many startup experts make.

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@Shpigford We don’t “fire fast”. If someone truly isn’t a fit for our needs, we don’t assign them much work for a month or two while we train them (or sponsor training for them) for their next job. They typically end up in a position they love with this approach & refer people to us for yrs
@ableAlly1 is coming up with its 21st century manifesto as en eBook. It talks about why some people succeed as an entrepreneur while others don't.

Loved working on the manifesto. If you're confused about your career, do follow them.

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