Day 7/30 of #buildinpublic of @expertnocoders

We have 1 ack of a very interesting blog post by a @bubble+#lowcode agency. Waiting for draft.

Tweaking the messaging a bit.
Now speaking about any #nocode-er who does client work. The previous messaging felt a bit restrictive.
Day 6/30 of #buildinpublic challenge is #exciting!

Interest from 3 @bubble agency owners interested in publishing articles on @expertnocoders

11 folk in our slack for #NoCode freelancers and agency owners.

First community interaction around quoting/proposals happened today!
Day 5/30 of #buildinpublic challenge

@expertnocoders is a slack for the bubble freelancer/agency community.

Trying to reach out to all @bubble freelancers and agencies via the RFP list and Upwork.🤞

Does #nocode know of any other places I should go looking for them?
Day 2/30 of Challenge
#buildinpublic and #NoCode

Set up using @hashnode
A slack community using @SlackHQ
A twitter profile @expertnocoders

Comment with tips on how to grow a community & follow to stay tuned!

Slack invite:…
I am starting a 30 day challenge!

Day 1/30. Domain purchased.
This time I will launch.

Public #accountability by #nocode and #buildinpublic

Please comment with some motivational quotes and follow to stay tuned!

p.s. Is @carrd still the best one for a quick landing page?