Done with the newsletter for Prelaunchers and scheduled it for monday

This weekend i am going to
1) Make some changes to
i) Add featured tools page
ii) Write second newsletter
iii) Fix some design issues
2) Work on my personal site
3) Build a blog / Start blogging

Seems a lot but let's go 🔥🔥

Happy with what i have achieved with my first PH launch. Thanks everyone for supporting 🙏
I am very glad that people really loved and the idea behind it.
Statistics for Prelaunchers, look how your product has grown on @ProductHunt.
Good job @zsumair
You can see more here -
Wow pretty amazing that my post about the PH launch on @Reddit has got this amount of views

Now there are more than 50 products submitted on 🔥🔥🥳🥳

Just now sent the first email newsletter of
Very happy with the products that makers shared on prelaunchers.

Here is the link to first of lot more :)…

What are you building? post the link to your landing page in the comments below #buildinpublic #indiedeveloper #nocode
I have two questions for people running a job board

1) How do you solve the chicken and egg problem (initial job posts)?

2) how do you approach companies to post on your job board (cold emailing or marketing on social media)?