🪄 We reduced our js bundle size by another 25%. Celebrate the (really) small stuff! #buildinpublic
Offering incredible customer service is a founder's superpower.

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Feedback is critical to your SaaS. At the beginning it's feedback from you and your co-founders, but as you enter into a market you must learn from your users in order to evolve into something that maximizes value with room to grow.

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@SimonBlok Hey - was just browsing the #buildinpublic hashtag and I think we fit the bill! Check us out & let me know if you have any questions or feedback, would love to solve this for you!
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Our dashboard makes it easy to distill your post purchase survey data into action items that are primed to make an impact.

Use multiple charts and reporting dashboards to quickly process your zero-party response data and NPS scores at a glance. #buildinpublic #NoCode #CRO…
We just reduced our embedded survey footprint by an average of 33% - how's your Friday going? #buildinpublic #hustleGPT