Just released a few updates for the AI-powered feedback for startup pitch decks. 🚀

- Deck size metric to focus on the optimal one
- Mist-have slides checklist to remember what has been missed

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The interesting thing when you build a simple micro-SaaS is that the key feature is much easier to implement than building all the stuff around it - UI, deployment, integrations, landing, etc.

Sometimes it's really frustrating.

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After the launch of CrashMyDeck, I immediately started working on the backlog and some other project management stuff 🙂

One of the benefits of an early launch is that you build a development process that fits the product stage well and improve it as you go.

Just launched in public GPT-powered feedback on startup pitch decks in a minute. 🥳🥳🥳

let's say it's a beta version

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Working on tunning prompts for and found a new class of problems with the generative AI tools - how to prepare good quality input data, that will be acceptable for the universal prompts.

It's a new interesting part of the development.

When you talk about product building, do you mean that finances, business models, and marketing are part of the product or not?


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What are some hobbies or other non-business activities that help you improve in building and launching products?

For me, one of them is playing poker, because it's pure game theory practice that helps train decision-making skills.

Did you ever decided to quit the project before launch? Why?

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Did you make a pre-sale before the launch of your micro-SaaS?

How does it help?

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Morning: Going to be solopreneur and build in public.

Evening: Still making Twitter header image and short intro while 3 hours 😅