You can make 5 million dollars by selling a $50.000 MRR business.

That is 500 customers paying a $100/month

You don't need to sell to the world.
Find a nice niche

A goal without a measure is an illusion.

Learn the game and how to win it.

Why every new “productivity” wants to look like a mix of Notion and Jira!

Entrepreneurship is hard.
But, have you tried being a parent of a kid in a swim team?

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Making things happen requires more focus and discipline that creativity and inspiration.

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I am working on my first personal React Native App for @whendellapp

I wanted to have a timer on-screen
Audio integrated

Very basic, but a first step

What’s the easiest tool to test an idea of a product?

I have tweets seen 5 times.


Don’t get upset, learn and change strategies.

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Getting obese is a choice.
Getting fit is a choice.

Take agency of your life.
Take responsibility of your life.
Take accountability of your life.

Noise. Just noise is what distracts.

Shut the noise down.

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Workout 🏋️‍♀️
Eat 🥙
Sleep 🛌

There’s no better combo for a productive day

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Did you work out today? 🏋️‍♀️

What’s your routine?

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Being a entrepreneur is hard.
But, have you tried swimming Butterfly?

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Some days that make you push forward!
Some days want to keep you behind!

You keep walking ahead
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Who has a VisionPro I can borrow for a day or two?

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The amount of AI services is stupidly large

Keep building!!