Here are my favorite pages guys 🥰🥰

It’s so fast and easy to create your own Yloo page!!
You can try for yourself by clicking on this link

Hi folks, look how easy it is to create a Yloo page 🤯

And you can also insert more links and change your page theme whenever you want ! So, if you want to try for yourself, just click on this link and be happy!

Announcement about our beta 🔥

The beta version of Yoloo Bio was released two months ago, and we already have so many people on our list, and that’s so awesome, but I’m here to say that the beta version will end in two months (06/30).

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We’re back!
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I’m just here to say that, after a long week of improving our system, our design and fixing a lot of issues, we’re finally back!


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Sunday changelog!!

This week we improved:
- Root domain to subdomain
- User experience
- Dashboard design…

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The new dashboard design has been released 🔥

We've just improved the user dashboard, now our customers can access information from their pages without having to click on it. You just need to click the right button on your mouse and your page options will appear!

We just improve the user experience 🔥

In this improvement:

-❌ removed avatar image via URL
-✅ implemented avatar image upload

This improvement allowed users to edit the image before upload, like crop, scale, and rotate.

#buildinpublic #yoloo #bio
We just launch the beta version of Yoloo Bio on @producthunt guys! 🎉

Yoloo Bio is a new and easy tool for you to create and share your links on the Internet.