Who loves hyped up industries and has two thumbs?


Tomorrow I’m hosting a #web3 token-gated event about building with #ai #gpt3 #chatgpt. I’ll #buildinpublic some #nocode live. Share thoughts as a #vc.

Let’s go! Tomorrow 9am pt. ☀️
☀️gm beasties, tomorrow is the LLM summit!

2.5 hours of building on GPT-3/ChatGPT with @yoheinakajima.

💡Intro to GPT-3/ChatGPT
🛠️AI demos and learnings from building
⚡️Freestyle speed building

Starts at 9am PT tomorrow! More details below 👇
Just updated my #buildinpublic log with the 5 tools I've shared this year!

- GTM Strategies
- Latent Blog
- Latent Search
- Mini Yohei Mentor Mode
- Deck Parser for LPs
Love to hear it. I get something like this once a month and it doesn't get old.

#Buildinpublic and open-source maximizes the impact of your efforts by touching a larger number of people and orgs.
My new #buildinpublic log is live at 😁

52 projects and experiments across VC, AI, no code, web3, and art.

Quick filters for identifying tutorials and more.

Hope you like it!
I love people who #buildinpublic

So fun!
💥Watch me build a micro-SaaS from scratch live in this thread this weekend💥

⏰ 24 hours

🎯 1 feature

📝 Step-by-step instructions

Tech stack:

⚛️ ReactJS

🐍 Python


☁️ AWS
- 🤖 Lambda (serverless)

- 📩 SES

- 💾 DynamoDB (noSQL)

The problem ⬇️
Okay, a lil late night #buildinpublic session now that kids are down.

Launched Geppetto today! Got 75 sign-ups. Found a bug, need to set up an invite feature, going to live-tweet this.

cc @thisiskp_ for the constant nudge.
Don’t mind me, just testing Mini Yohei (he only lives on Twitter right now) #buildinpublic
Would it be a true #buildinpublic without a couple unexpected delays?

No sweat my friends - the days are long, but the weeks are short. (secretly was very stressed about this earlier)
Mint date has moved to October 8th! Details in discord.

I know we can't wait to get into Beastopia, the day can't come soon enough 😫
Quick note: if you know me well, you won’t be surprised to hear I slapped this together in a night. It’s very much WIP.

We love founders who #buildinpublic, and we show respect to them by following suit.

Now back to the site.
One day later, just had a VC reach out letting me know they set up their LP portal following this thread. So cool!

Let’s all rise together! #buildinpublic
Live-tweeting my #NoCode build of our LP dashboard starting now!

I'll likely be tweeting mostly thought cuz screenshots will slow me down.

It's possible I'll get caught up and stop tweeting. If this thread gets annoying to anyone, just mute it.

Let's go! 👇
In case you haven't checked out @GrowthRanker before, it's a really cool tool where you can see Stripe verified revenue numbers for a lot of early-stage startups. #buildinpublic
It's the end of the month! Looking at some of our analytics for April at @UntappedVC:

- Added 98 startups to our pipeline (-29% MoM)
- 101 mtngs tracked (+16% MoM)
- Made 3 investments/commitments (+50% MoM)
- 2.81M impression on Twitter (+742% MoM)

#openVC #buildinpublic
Drafting out some core values for our fund, thought I'd share while building. #buildinpublic

Purposeful action
Compassion above all
Value authenticity
Practice self-reflection
Brutal honesty
Radical transparency
Make friends, have fun, value family
In this age of #buildinpublic, relying on referrals for dealflow is just lazy as a VC. Not having a thoughtful outbound process means missing out on great startups. #outboundVC
Pipeline update: we've tracked 1401 startups in our outbound pipeline since June last year. We've made 6 investments and committed to 2 more. #buildinpublic #outboundvc
Quick update: 5 of our first 6 investments were sourced through outbound, meaning we initiated contact.

We’ve tracked 1339 startups since June last year in our outbound pipeline.