I've been playing with @DocuChatIO's bots lately and noticed my questions are a bit too basic. 😅

See here with Heredotus:

What I ask vs. what my history graduate sister-in-law asks

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Just earned my first $ on the internet. 🥳🎉 My first SaaS @DocuChatIO got its first paying customer today. 🚀

My only KPI for this project (as my first) was to get a paying customer. I guess I need new KPIs now.

Day 39

I haven't done any marketing yet but @DocuChatIO already has 7 users! 🎉 I am guessing people see it on Twitter and giving a try.

On the marketing front, the landing page is complete. Now I need to plan for the release.

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I kind of wish everything in life was as easy as changing my tier in @DocuChatIO. 👇

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I kind of wish everything in life was this easy.

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Day 34

I am creating chatbots from widely known written works to showcase @DocuChatIO on release. So, I need your help on finding good material. 👇

Which book(s) (and/or authors) would be fun to chat with as an AI? 🤖

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Day 32

DocuChat is done as an MVP. But it seems I cannot accept that and try to add/improve things.

Software is never complete, so here I am publicly pledging I will not touch the codebase until release (Monday). 🚀

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Day 15-28

I had some personal priorities in the past week but I can now confirm DocuChat is finally feature-complete. 🎉

The plan is to complete the non-software stuff (landing page, terms, privacy) this week and release next Monday.

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Day 14

✓ Avatars for gurus 🎉
✓ Chat (previously browse) page
📦 Remaining: Chat & settings

I noticed that as I near the end, I am getting distracted with polishing small details instead of finishing the core app. An intersting pattern to break, I guess.

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Day 12

Something cool is cooking in the oven! Can't wait to see what comes out 🔥

Hint: An AI Naval to chat with

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Days 8-9

✓ Basic layout & UI, simple and straightforward design. 🎉
✓ User tiers and limits fully implemented.
✓ My company has a VAT number now.
🛑 Each day, I wake up to a Stripe request for further info & documents. Hope it settles soon.

Day 6-7

Ok, I missed the Sunday deadline. But what is one more week, right? Targeting next Sunday ⏳

Turns out, you need lots of request optimizations to remain within OpenAI API limits. And, as always, UI is taking much more time than I initially anticipated.

Day 5

✓ File uploads finally work! Thanks to that great friend. 🎉
✓ Optimized prompt generation for better results.
✓ Added limits on question & prompt lengths. This will hopefully prevent large bills from @OpenAI.

Next🚀: Parsing text from files and UI.

Day 4 update

✓ Logo 🎉
✓ Basic UI with mesh gradients
✓ Pricing: Sub packages with limits/month, like page uploads and number of questions
🛑 Still cannot process files but finally asked for help from a pro friend :)

Still hoping to make it by Sunday.

Day 3 update

✓ Name for bots created on DocuChat: Guru🤖
✓ Create and chat with Guru pages
✓ Server-side auth + database security policies
🛑 Still cannot process files

🤔 Increasingly concerned about pricing. OpenAI charges per tokens but I don't want to.

Day 2 update

✓ Settled on a name: DocuChat .io 🎉
✓ Parse text and compute semantics
✓ Authentication & database with @supabase
✓ Opened Stripe account

🤔Turns out, uploading files and parsing them is a big headache. Skipped it for now.

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.@shl just inspired me to build an AI app that lets you chat with documents you upload, using @OpenAI API.

Tech stack: Vue/Nuxt + Supabase.
Timeline: 1 week. Release on Sunday.

Just finished finding the most relevant paragraphs in a given text.

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