I have never built something so seriously.

This time, I really really really really really want to win.

More websites updates of to come in the next 2 days...

I'm happy to announce that is finally available on mobile screen! 🎉🎉

It took me 6 hours to make sure it works on every screen size 😤

Little progress every day!

1. Loading state: I noticed the UX is bad without it
2. Pagination: Previously it showed only 20 shops max
3. New domain name!

Let's if you could find more differences compared to the previous version!

Random SaaS idea that I won't tap into:

Funny people are more likeable. Build something that converts tweet replies into jokes or make it sound more funny.

1. They are not fully generated, keeping the human taste
2. Creators appear funnier


I'm happy to announce that I'm officially building TCMFinder in public, and joining the #buildinpublic fam! 🎉

More explanation about the site below 👇