Launching a business in 7 days.

Day 4. Social media

- Create social media accounts similar to your competitors
- Come up with content for each social media
- Setup Canva and design some basic visuals in brand style
- Schedule content week ahead

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Launching a business in 7 days.

Day 3. Digital presence

- Go to and find a theme based on brand values
- Come up with 10 blog ideas based on what competitors are posting
- Find a freelancer on fiverr fiver to do a blog

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Launching a business in 7 days.

Day 2. Define brand

- Come up with a domain name, check availability on GoDaddy
- Define brand values, vision and mission
- Define brand colours, brand symbol and logo
- Create a logo in a logo maker

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Launching a business in 7 days.

Day 1. Competitors research

- Find 10 competitors
- Research what they are posting on social media
- Research what they post on the blog
- Research how they monetize
- Build a spreadsheet with a research summary

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There are 2 types of startup founders: money motivates and vision motivates.

Which one are you?

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How much did it take you to build your first successful business?

Let's assume that successful = you were able to get enough money so that you can retire

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If you wanna start your business and you have no money, here is what you have to do:
- Read books
- Learn business
- Find co-founders
- Go to a job and collect money for 6 months of living
- Start a business and #buildinpublic

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My weekly goals:
- Finish the 4th chapter of my course
- Create a CMS for personal and professional contacts
- Start a Twitter growth group
- Prepare for the presentation about DES
- Create a site for my side-hustle
- Register on Amazon Associates

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Weekly goals completed:
- Structure my thoughts about Decentralised Education System and sign to do a public presentation
- Restore documents
- Finish the 3d part of my course
- Create a faceless TickTock channel and post 4 videos

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Hey frens, I wanna organise a Twitter growth group where we will be helping each other to grow a personal brand and share secret tactics.

More in a πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡

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Weekly standup:
- Structure my thoughts about DES
- Try to get permission from Startup competitions and Universities to post their content on TickTock
- Create at least 5 initial TickTock channels and create project management for them

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Weekly goals completed:
- Get 1000 followers in Twitter
- Gameplan for TickTock πŸ˜‰
- Colour hair (from brown to white)
- Restore my sim cards
- Finish the 2 hours cocktail party book
- Propose DEV DAO my project

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Unused product with great architecture and clean code is still unused product.

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If it sounds too simple - you probably have no idea how to do it.

If it sounds too complex - you probably have no idea how to do it right.

Anyway, just always multiply your estimate by 2.

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The biggest achievements of the past week:
- Got 40 students interested in the project 🀩 (all from Africa, based on research Africa needs quality education the most)
- Got +1 English tutor (we already have 7 tutors)
- Created business plan document

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I wanna make a free #decentralised #education system for all people around the globe in 5 years.

I'm #buildinpublic and use #nocode for prototyping, follow me and join a community of #selflearning πŸ€“