My free extension recently crossed the 50 weekly user mark.

There is no greater feeling than knowing that a product you built is being used by people and actually providing value to their lives.

Do you charge more, less or the same amount as your competition?

The reason I am asking is that one of my competitors is charging $30 USD per month to offer the same functionnality(more or less) and I am not sure if I should do the same or not.

What would you do? #buildinpublic
I just released the #buildinpublic report for August 2022…

Good progress so far. SEO is finally kicking in.
Day 8 of being sick. I am slowly getting back into the indiehacker life.

Zillow Data Exporter's install base is growing. Website visits are increasing and downloads as well.

I decided to write monthly reports on the progress made to turn into a viable business.

You can find the first report here:…

I haven't been tweeting much lately because I am currently sick. I have loads of blogs posts to write.

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. just crossed the bar of 20 active users.

Most of them coming through via Google. #seo #buildinpublic
Sundays are usually the days when I reflect on the work accomplished during the week.

This week I published two blog posts and rolled out a new version of . Not a bad week but I know I can do better.

Finally rolled out related posts section at the end of each blog posts on

I was dreading having to do it but in the end it went smoothly.

@PlausibleHQ disagrees with @Google though.
Not sure which one to trust. I guess it doesn't matter.

The point is #seo pays dividend! #buildinpublic
There is nothing better than receiving an email from one of your users... Except when you find the email 5 days too late and have to write an apology to them.

Well, time to clean my inbox so that it doesn't happen again.

#buildinpublic and #failinpublic
Getting some good traffic this month.

Not bad for site that wasn't live a month ago.
I already published 9 articles on

I am still on track to publish 30 high quality articles by the end of the year.

Probably more. Each new article helps me come up with new ideas related to my product.

I am playing the long game. #buildinpublic
Today I'll be publishing 2 new blog posts and finish the help page redesign as well.

No rest for the wicked.

My extension has a bug that was easy enough to fix but broke it completely.

Good thing I don't have yet a lot of users. Need to do more QA next time.

I am now waiting for the almighty approval!

Organic traffic is the holy grail.

With going live about a month ago, I did not expect to see some traffic for a while but I was wrong.

Nice surprise.

Another one of my extensions is being shown some love by the Chrome store.

The big spike came from being featured.

Currently reading about layoffs at Klarna:…

This is in part why I am trying to build a side business. When you are an employee, you may never know when your time at a company is up and therefore you can never be safe.

Keep building

I signed up to @katlinks_ today. So far it's a bit confusing.

I am not sure what I am supposed to do but I am going to spend some time this weekend to read the knowledge base.

Also I need to finish writing a new blog post.

#seo #buildinpublic