New #buildinpublic #startup update!

Testing new messaging, with helpful feedback from #discord @Maxrocket_ @DomDeeDreamer and more!

"Okane is an extension that helps you buy the things you want, with a plan to save🤞. As you browse, we show up"

Asking for a favor as a startup founder 😍
Can you describe in one sentence what this popup box does, in the image below? Would help a ton with us testing if our designs communicate what we do well

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@johnbuilds No need to market when #buildinpublic getting you all the users you need organically!!! :D
@nattokimichi Jk, another insightful read from the twitters next elon musk #buildinpublic #startup
A/B testing messaging at
Have you ever bought something big and tried saving on small things after, only to give up? Recently, I bought a flight and tried saving on Starbucks (for a week)

Feels penny-wise, pound-foolish right?
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New insight from talking to users!
Okane gives rewards for spending less than your monthly spending goal. In one outreach, I said 'saving' goal. That worried my lead; she didn't earn enough to save and thus thought she can't use Okane

and I waiting for the target consumer to notice our LinkedIn DM's

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Inspired by @johnbuilds build in public! Testing new rewards program where users climb a leaderboard (live at for hitting their saving goals on Okane!

SO to MTAG with @searchbrat and @kippbodnar for inspiring the leaderboard idea!
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