πŸ“’ Day 272 - Learning about Market Research

Applied to @beondeck.

Learned about Sales Safari by @amyhoy.

Looking forward to seeing those money tree-eating Giraffes I've heard about.

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πŸ“’ Day 271 - Market research?

After finally being mentally satisfied the product I want to build can indeed be built, the focus now is on market validation.

The biggest question to answer is who is the ideal initial customer?

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πŸ›  Day 270 - More fonts

Added categories and changed selected state to use a checkmark.

Got distracted by a few other bugs I had to fix.

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πŸ›  Day 269 - Improved font selection

Added initial improvements to font selection 😁.

There is little innovation around font selection even on Dribble. Designer friends, what is that all about? 😱

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πŸ›  Day 268 - Font Research

Trying to define a curated list of fonts to show 20-50 instead of 1400 😱.

Learned a lot about fonts thanks to @typewolf and @HuaTweets.

Still, I feel fonts feel unnecessarily opaque and complex. What do you think?

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πŸ›  Day 262-267 - Back to the Drawing Board

Changed layouts and implemented more Figma-like features.

Then decided to rethink the whole approach and product. (see video πŸŽ₯)

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πŸ“’ Day 261 - Social Day

Talked to all sorts of different people: startup founders, investors.

7 amazing humans in total. Learned a ton from them wow. I'll tell you about it soon.

For now, time for a nap 😴

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πŸ“’ Day 258 - Users

Researched and contacted users manually. Many find this annoying/scary, I find it surprisingly calming.

πŸ›  Day 259 - Free Move Mode

Started reviving these changes and making them production-ready.…

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πŸ›  YC Build Sprint Day 8

Having the time of my life building the editor 🀩.

The last time I had so much fun was building @picturethatar.

Added resizing, a keyboard shortcut for zooming with the mouse wheel, and smoother moving elements.

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πŸ“’ Day 257 - User Interviews + Recruiting Users

In the spirit of PG's essay, do things that don't scale.

I've been manually researching interesting Twitter accounts and reaching out.

I've had an amazing discussion with @d__raptis πŸ’œ

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Just had an incredible chat with Simon @allthecode_ about Instagram, Twitter content creator journey.

I felt like everything was new and I knew nothing 🀣. So many ideas.

I'm still trying to parse it all. Talking to people is powerful πŸ’ͺ

πŸ›  Day 254-256 - Gradient Text 🌈

Shipped πŸ›³ the ability to create and export gradient text 😁.

It was way harder than I thought (details in comments below).

Give it a try πŸ‘‡

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πŸ›  Day 251-253 - fear & doubt

I started to get depressed, feeling doubt and uncertain about the direction.


Last two weeks I made little progress. A Family visit followed by a week of being semi-sick. This sucked.


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πŸ›  Day 249-250 - Buggy Gradient Text

It started as a simple: "ok, I think I can hack this lib in an hour..."

Two days later, it is a more fundamental bug that has to do with inconsistencies in Chrome.

More details are below. Tech is hard too.

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πŸ›  Day 247-248 - YC Application + Bugs

βœ… YC Application done πŸ₯³
βœ… Quick product overview
βœ… Couple of minor bugs fixed

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Yay! Finish my YC Application πŸŽ‰

Time to eat, sleep, gym, repeat ♻️... oh and code πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’»

πŸ›  Day 246 - Gradients 🌈🀩

It's true! They are finally here.

It took me long enough right? 😬

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πŸ›  Day 245 - Storytelling

Decided to refocus on making @conceptual_so the best tool to tell your personal story in a visual way.

That means using it for my #buildinpublic journey.

The first feature is uploading a screenshot/photo in Notion-like tab UI.

Thoughts? Requests?
πŸ“£ Day 241-244 - Presentations & Applications

βœ… YC SUS 60-second pitch presentation
βœ… YC Application draft
βœ… 2-hour guest lecture about prototyping software

Just finished our YC SUS demos and 60-second pitches πŸŽ‰

Everyone did such an amazing job! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Twitter friends, if you haven't already, try @startupschool