The prototype for the thirty day challenge box all assembled.

A little peek at how I run my engineering projects.

I break my project into requirements the brainstorm ways to meet these requirements.

Here I'm thinking about how to store data. I'd really rather not use a database since it's a moving part I'd have to host.

Me 1 day before finishing my 30 day Chinese Study Challenge. The box is a project I’ve been working on. Will post more on it later.

A month ago I made a remote control teddy bear.

I call him 'I Love You Bear' and I hope he scares my niece and nephew at Christmas this year.

The project was for @MarkRober's creative engineering course and the build was really fun.

#buildinpublic #esp32
Does anyone know of some software for tracking 30 day challenges?

I’d like to run multiple ~

1. Grammar + writing study challenge

2. Marketing + branding challenge

3. No New York Times challenge