So what exactly do they "see" that's happening on twitter? Because all I see on my twitter is fellow hard working founders #buildinpublic , #SBF getting exposed, and I see #Balenciaga getting rekt for child abuse. Thats a win in my books.
"We're all keeping a close eye on this..." (@elonmusk and Twitter)
Who, exactly, is keeping that "close eye?" And on what, exactly? Who do these people think they are?…
Hey #buildinpublic - T-minus 2 weeks to launch. What do you think?

Making it easier to find holistic healing and coaching.

$0 spent on marketing so far, and already 300 practitioners signed up worldwide.
I moved from the big city to South East Asia, so that i could spend less on living and more on building my start-up. #startup #buildinpublic
Question to builders:

Allow reviews to be added by anyone, or only through a link once the service has been completed?

Industry: Holistic Health and wellness
Booking platform for holistic healing services.

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Today our review system was integrated, and we had another powerful guest on our podcast. Just another day of building an audience while we build a product. #buildinpublic #startup
What was your first ever job? And how old were you? #startup #buildinpublic
What’s one decision you made that changed your life forever? #business #buildinpublic #startups
The best thing I did was build an audience while waiting for the product to be developed. Countdown to launch!

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Our purpose in life is to be of service! Find out what you love, and then give it away! #ConsciousPlanet #business #buildinpublic