I'm building the habit of writing on Twitter about my journey as Full Stack Developer

I went from 700 to 91.6k impressions in just one month (July) 🀯

These results motivate me to continue sharing my experience and helping others πŸ’™

I'm building a Chrome Extension for busy JavaScript developers!

First ideas and design, any thoughts? πŸ‘€

You don't need to learn the latest JavaScript framework to start building your product idea. Start with what you know and iterate πŸ‘Œ

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Are you struggling to get a product idea?

Start looking to solve your own problems with kind of software or automation, then try to find people with the same problem and you will have a good product πŸ‘Œ

Reading about Chrome Extensions Development to be ready for my new product idea πŸ‘€

Got a 100% page speed performance on my personal blog :)

Nothing hurts more than see how a domain of your old side project expires in front of your eyes

Are you struggling with content creation as foreign speaker?

Try this mortal combo:
Grammarly + Google Translate πŸ”₯

Are you struggling to find a problem to solve as an indie hacker?

Try to figure out micro-niches like Chrome Web Extensions. A lot of opportunities to grow ROI πŸ’―

Next.js is all in one solution for almost whatever MVP idea β–²

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Github Copilot acquired again. Let’s build crazy things with the power of AI!

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