πŸš€ Daily update - @4BioHQ
⏳ 52 days to launch.

I've been working on bug fixes, testing and debugging. Backend updated from 66 to 78 routes, the remaining ones I'll make as needed. Now I can shift my focus to frontend.

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πŸš€ Daily update @4BioHQ
⏳ 55 days to launch.

Working on improving the marketing plan and schedules. Should I share my marketing plan and launch strategy too? πŸ€”

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πŸš€ Daily update @4BioHQ
⏳ 56 days to launch.

From 38 to 66 routes this weekend. Almost all routes and controllers were tested, but I still need to make a few more. Also planning to start the frontend this week.

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πŸš€ Daily update @4BioHQ
⏳ 57 days to launch.

Testing and debugging today with #PHPUnit + #Postman, fixed some issues and optimized code.

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πŸš€ Daily update @4BioHQ
⏳ 58 days to launch.

Still working on the backend: from 25 to 38 routes today (all working). I think I can finish all main features (backend) this weekend.

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πŸš€ Daily update @4BioHQ
⏳ 59 days to launch.

Still working on the backend, it's going to take some time. The app now has 25 routes, I estimate about 85. I had to make a few database adjustments today.

[Image is blurred on purpose]
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πŸš€ Daily update - @4BioHQ
⏳ 60 days to launch.

Not coding today. Worked on the marketing plan details for the pre- and post-launch, I got a time schedule for this now.

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The power of the internet! It is amazing how far things can go. This map shows @4BioHQ users since April.

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πŸš€ Daily update - @4BioHQ
⏳ 61 days to launch.

User register/auth backend almost complete! I know there are great boilerplate/ready solutions, but I'm refactoring my own code from another SaaS, which will make it easier to implement other features, if needed.

πŸš€ Daily update - @4BioHQ
⏳ 63 days to launch.

No too much for today. I finished the marketing planning for the launch, but still have to work on small details. I also created a LinkedIn page.

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πŸš€ Daily update - @4BioHQ
⏳ 64 days to launch.

I started programming the backend and working on a marketing plan.

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@4BioHQ update πŸš€
⏳ 65 days to launch.

Last night I had to work on updates for @PortalDoSigno, we're going to deploy on Monday. But tonight I'll probably be working on @4BioHQ backend (using #Laravel).

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@4BioHQ update πŸš€
⏳ 66 days to launch.

Just finished a basic database design to start working with (early users have their links in a JSON file manually updated by me, it's time to improve this).

[The image is blurred on purpose]
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#buildinpublic update - @4BioHQ
⏳ 67 days to launch...
[DONE] Pre-launch website is now live!
πŸ“Œ I'm going to pin this tweet.

πŸ‘‹ Hey #indiehackers and #buildinpublic community!

πŸ“…October 3, 2022πŸ‘‰I'm setting this date to launch @4BioHQ (currently in Ξ±-release). I'll be building in public for the next 2 months and sharing daily updates. Pre-launch website is coming soon!
To all devs out there, please keep your .env file safe πŸ˜‚ these guys are literally in the #buildinpublic