If you're building a non-unique product, what may give you more profit in the start-up phase?
- nice design
- extra functionality, which your competitors don't have
- better ux
- different pricing model
- paid advertising
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I'm trying to refresh the sidebar and borders. Which is better?
🤯I spent two days trying to understand why my dev build of @nestframework is so slow and found out that it is because of lots of CJS imports (require(...)). Then I decided to switch the project to ESM, but found out that @NxDevTools doesn't work correctly with it.
For now I definitely have no time to make a native mobile version of my app before the launch. What do you think about PWA? #buildinginpublic #buildinpublic #saas
I've completely reworked the top bar and am now adding the ability to set cover images for folders.
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Need advice
Working on my side project i always go away from the main goal -go in public, to make new features. I think everybody faces it. And it's really bad. But now I see several features that may help me to go in public, and find a first (paying) user.
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What about landing pages? Where do you usually get design? A already tried dozens of free and paid templates, but i didn't like any of them enough. But pretty often i see really great landings from the indie community.
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Polishing sharing system and real-time updates 🚀
Already looks nice, although there are still some bugs.

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So, the text highlight feature is almost done, there are some bugs, but I believe tomorrow it will be finished.
Monetization models: trial vs freemium. There are two main points for indie developers to not lose their motivation and continue the work: time and money, I can't understand why the majority choose freemium. ⬇️
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Monetization models: freemium vs trials.
The majority of indie SAAS makers use the freemium model, and I can't understand why ⬇️
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I finally got a domain name and two prototypes of logos for my project 🎉
So what about my side project? You will laugh, but basically, it is a bookmark manager, but with lots of advanced features like automatic sorting, persistent copies, full-text search, sharings, comments, different view modes, and so on and so forth.
Hi everybody. Here I will write about my side project, which I've been making for more than three years (yes, it's madness, i know), and finally going to start the public beta.
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