I am really excited about this new feature I am creating for @changeit_app because it will help:

- The process of content creation
- Increase my user retention

Listen more about it in my most recent podcast episode

If one of the biggest startup challenges is Marketing then you have to listen to the tips that @aleks_muse shared in the latest podcast episode ⤵️

Listen on:
* spotify:
* apple:
* website:

You can now filter the episodes by the topics that most interest you. Cool right? 😎
Thanks for the tips @aleks_muse


Now that I have built my static html website I want to deploy it for free in public. Follow this thread ⤵️

It was really a pleasure to learn from one of the top #buildinpublic bootstrappers on Twitter! 🚀🤘
Had a chill convo with Tiago of the wannabe entrepreneur podcast.

- making my first $1k online at 16
- keeping my startup going with no sales for 1 year
- making sure all of my tweets get visibility

I also use a lot of swear words 😬
Today I will #buildinpublic a website/blog for my podcast. Follow in this thread ⤵️
Hey app developers! 👋
Most of my new users are finding @changeit_app by searching climate change in the play store

Wannabe Entrepreneur is a podcast about what is like to bootstrap a company!…

I invited a pro designer to help me review some cool #buildinpublic projects
I learned so much from her tips that I think everyone should listen to this episode...…
"All I ever wanted was to create my own stuff, have fun, enjoy the process and hopefully make a lot of money"
-- @dagorenouf

At the end of the day, that's what all entrepreneurs want...

Listen to the full chat:

Hey, #buildinpublic community, what is your biggest regret in your bootstrapping journey so far?
Hey bootstrappers what is the best platform to build landing pages?

We should normalize sharing the failures and frustrations in the #buildinpublic community!

Sometimes I feel that everyone is succeeding but me... 😿
Please share on frustration you had this week ⬇️
Doesn't matter if you are a startup founder, bootstrapper, or working in a side hustle...
You will have to swallow these ⤵️

#buildinpublic #startups
Please!! Don't run this code in your browser 😬

const developer = true
let community = false
console.log("I want to build something cool")

I am getting on average 70 downloads a day!
Thank you! 😍

A new #buildinpublic review is out 🥳
In today's episode we had a look into 4 awesome websites:

1- @schmafia (1:45 min)
2- @loptoaded (10:20 min)
3- @OperanceC (17:00min)
4- @StartupAnalyti1 (21:29min)

Listen to the episode here:…
This is where people are listening to my podcast ⤵️

Hey entrepreneurs, developers, and startup founders join me at 18:00 for the premiere of today's podcast episode where I share the story about a potential interesting partnership for my app @changeit_app

Let's chat here ⤵️…

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