I raised prices for @BudgetSheet more than 10% 2 weeks ago, and no one noticed or said anything. Signups didn't slow down. Churn isn't higher. Just making more money now.

Thought I'd put that out there in case anyone needs to hear it. #buildinpublic #SaaS
Got up early today to finish the initial query dashboard for before work.

Love seeing query stats like these with timings, # of runs, 95th percentile timings, etc.

These are real numbers for @BudgetSheet within the last 30 days! πŸ‘‡ #buildinpublic
Starting to build out a query metrics dashboard for @BudgetSheet and other projects that use (a #Serverless database proxy service I made to speed things up for my own projects) #buildinpublic
This is the kind of BS you have to deal with when you build things with banking integrations. #buildinpublic

Sigh. @Vanguard_Group @Plaid 😞
I passed 200 paying subscribers to @BudgetSheet last week while on vacation. Seeing the @gumroad push notifications keep rolling in was magical.

I love the SaaS flywheel, but it took me literally 15+ years to find something that worked. #buildinpublic
One of the scariest emails a startup founder can receive. 😭
The worst thing about having a seasonal biz like @BudgetSheet is that all your churn tends to happen at the same time as all your new customers for that season come in too - especially with annual plans.

It can be demoralizing to see so much churn all at once.

@indie_worldwide @BudgetSheet The past 30 days have been the best ever so far. Almost at $1.4k MRR with lots of traction for growth deeper into Q1 + Q2, which is the best time of year for budget & finance apps. #buildinpublic
Finally implementing an automated task for re-checks on license keys for

Right now it is possible to pay once, plug in your license key, cancel your subscription, and use it forever.

It won't be soon... #buildinpublic
Maintaining an old side project from 2009 so the handful of paying customers you have for it can still use it is always fun and games until the server goes down and it's an old VPS with ancient tech. #buildinpublic
Things are going well with @BudgetSheet, with relatively little marketing effort (#1 is just being in the Google Apps Marketplace).

Over 50% of my revenue for ALL TIME has come in the past 6 MONTHS. Things seem to be accelerating. Going to have a great Q1! πŸ“ˆ πŸš€ #buildinpublic
It's amazing how many people email you just straight up saying they are building a competing product asking for things that are core to your business like your source code, why you made some product decision, help with something, etc. #buildinpublic
Some days I just can't believe how lucky I am to be working in the tech industry at a high level. Today is one of those days.

I am so grateful to be able to provide so well for my family. God is good. #buildinpublic
@BudgetSheet I am currently resisting some things that will turn it into A Real Businessβ„’ because those things are not fun. I know I will eventually have to do those things, but not right now. Not for a while.

Optimize for happiness. Make it fun. #buildinpublic
The best way to get better at *anything* is just to do it more. Just practice. Keep doing it.

Want to write better? Write more.
Want to code better? Code more.
Want to read better? Read more.
Want to draw better? Draw more.

Just keep doing it. You will get there. #buildinpublic
The end of a disappointing night. I spent the last 4 hours coding and just realized at the end of it all when I began testing it in the full environment that my new approach won't work. At all. Now I get to throw it all away. 😞 #buildinpublic
Early in the development of @BudgetSheet, I was making frequent changes to the spreadsheet itself and created a whole versioned migration system in #GoogleAppsScript.

It checks current ver. against installed ver. and runs any necessary migrations. Super handy. #buildinpublic
I just used @katlinks_ for BudgetSheet and found backlinks from an accounting firm that is recommending my product to their customers.

Going to reach out to them directly now to see if there is a bigger opportunity there! Thanks @robertodigital_! #buildinpublic
I don't have a set date, but I'm going to end the @katlinks_ $9 a month Indie Plan early-bird offer very soon ⏰

I think a should do a "last chance to get the offer" promo πŸ€”

Any ideas? πŸ’‘
Betrayed by two 3rd parties. Got a 1 ⭐️ review.

1) Plaid's flaky support for certain banks, and
2) Chrome 92's update that blocks alert()/prompt() dialogs (I used prompt() to confirm before account unlinking, ALL @Google add-on HTML displays in x-origin iframes)

My @Plaid costs are ~40% of my monthly revenue for @BudgetSheet 😱

I think I am going to have to shorten the 45-day free trial down to 14 days... I don't think my volume is high enough yet to negotiate a better deal w/Plaid...